Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Busy, busy girls

 J is all ready for her first dance.  She did great in both of her dances.  Unfortunately yesterday she broke her arm.  I feel so bad for her.  Poor baby.  She was riding her scooter home from school when the wheel suddenly hit a crack in the sidewalk.  She fell right off and broke her arm, scraped up her other hand and also her face.  Her arm is so swollen right now that she is just in a sling.  They will cast it in about a week.  Then she will have about a 6 week wait.  Hopefully she will heal well and have no residual repercussions.
 Val's kidos are always so busy.  This past week-end the girls had a dance competition.  It started early in the morning and ended around 7:30, I think.  I actually had to leave about 6:30 after all of the dancing was done.  I couldn't wait for the awards ceremony.  

 Here is cute J in her second costume.

 Mommy helping her girl get ready.
 M was in 3 dances.  She is a beautiful little dancer.  She's very graceful and doesn't miss a beat.  Val herself loved to dance and danced all through school.  She took lots of classes and also taught classes as well as work in the front office of the dance studio.  Unbeknownst to me she used to drive from high school to the studio and change into her dance clothes while driving.  "SO SAFE".  Not!  It's amazing how many things I find out as the years go by that I didn't know while they were happening. Ha.

 Second dance.

 Third dance.

 Just look at that kick.
 Monday M was in a school play called Wicked Cindy.  It was a spoof on Cinderella, but everything was backwards Cindy was not nice and the sisters were.  M played the role of one of the sisters.  She did a fabulous job.  Not only is M a great dancer, she is also a great little actress.    

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