Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Idaho

 We drove to Idaho yesterday for our granddaughter's graduation.  Andrea and Reggie came too.  Today is her seminary graduation and tomorrow is her high school graduation.  I just don't know how time passes sooo fast.  She was just born a couple of months ago after all. HA!

Of course no trip to Idaho is complete without a trip to Alec's office.  There he is with his faithful nurse, Lisa.  She is a sweetheart and they work well together.  Monday is black day.
 The Boise River runs right behind his office.  It is so beautiful in that location.
 Katie has some laser done on her legs.

 It's not often that a grandmother and granddaughter get to go and have laser work done together.

After our visit to Alec's office we all went out to lunch at Mongolian BBQ.  The food was good, but poor little Reggie was not a happy camper.  He did not want to be happy at all and so poor Andrea did not even get to eat lunch her lunch.  He even screamed to get in his car seat, but the moment, the very moment we started driving, he went straight to sleep.  It's odd for him to behave this way too because he is always so good.  He must be a tired little boy.  Hope he's happier the rest of the week.

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Connie said...

Enjoy your time in Boise! It's amazing how fast time flies!