Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome Home Pankratz and Making Wonder Ovens

 The Phairs and the Servosses.  We loved getting to know these fine couples.  The Servosses will be leaving on another mission in a few months.  This time they will be serving in New York.

 Last Sunday we went to a missionary welcome home for the Pankratzes.  We served together with the Pankratzes only they were in Brussels and then the Netherlands and we served in France and Belgium.  We had a ride up to Tooele with the Phairs.  We sure enjoyed their company.  It was a lot of fun to hear the Pankratzes talk and tell of their experiences and also to meet with the other Senior Couples whom we had met on our mission also.  Above is sweet Sister Speck sitting next to John.  They left their mission suddenly and we all knew it was because of her health, but we didn't really know what happened until Sunday.  Apparently she was having lots of pains in her abdomen and finally went to a Dr. in the Netherlands.  He told her that she would need to have a CAT scan and other testing, but it would take 5 to 6 months to even get an appointment.  Miraculously one of the leaders in their branch worked in the medical field and was able to get her an immediate appointment for her.  She had the testing done and was told that she needed to go right home to the USA.  The church immediately flew them home and after testing she had abdominal surgery less than a week after arriving home in Utah.  When they opened her up they saw lots of cancer.  She had some ribs removed, part of her liver, a kidney, some intestines, some of the colon  and other things (about 50+ pounds of internal organs.  She was very, very ill.  She is now undergoing chemo and will until October, but she is doing just great.  She told us that it's a miracle that she is even alive.  She looks fabulous and it was wonderful to talk to her.  We are so glad that she's doing well.
 The Langevelds are another awesome couple that we got to know while on our mission.

 When we walked into the chapel for sacrament we saw Elder Schmutz and Elder Ferguson.  It was such a happy and joyful feeling to see them again.  They were just as happy to see us.   You really have such a bond with the people that you serve with.  It's hard to explain, but it is so real.  Serving the Lord bring people happiness and joy.  Below are the Pankratzes.  They worked sooooo hard.  They were the office couple and oh boy did they labor.   We talked about some fun memories that we all had and some funny incidents too.  Bro Pankratz remembered how they would often be driving with their GPS and the road would get smaller and smaller.  Suddenly there would be a canal on one side an a river or ditch on the other side and finally they would end up facing a ferry landing.  They couldn't back out and so they would end up taking the ferry across.  We loved talking about our young adults and how well they are doing.  In fact w have had 2 more couples get married in the temple since we've been home and just a week ago we got an e-mail from Alexandre telling us that he got his mission call to Australia.  What exciting news that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This Thursday evening I went to Relief Society and we made 88 Wonder Ovens.  These ovens are amazing.  Each oven is made out of 2 pieces of 100% cotton fabric cut into a certain shape.  There is a top and a bottom.  Then the fabric is stitched into sacs and the sacs are filled with special tiny beads.  Amazingly enough you can cook just about anything in these ovens.  You can even make bread which I tasted and which is really quite good.  We began working about 6:30 and worked until about 9:40.  These ovens will be wonderful for cooking in case of an emergency.  I was a bit tired when we were done.


Connie said...

How wonderful to be able to meet up with friends from your mission!
How sad that she had such major surgery. I hope all goes well with her.

Those wonder ovens sound interesting.

Yvonne said...

I love reading about the wonderful people you served with during your mission. It is so great to get to know people--really know them, and as we serve together we really come to know them, don't we.

I'm so glad that this sister was able to get the help she needed and that she is doing better.

I have never heard about those wonder ovens. That is incredible.