Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emily's California Bridal Shower

 On the 17th of Feb Em had her bridal shower in California.  We had it at Daisy's house where we were staying.  We always stay with her and Chuck and are grateful for their hospitality. 
                                                            The food was delicious.
  Costco came through with a yummy cake.

                                                  Jamie, Emily, and Selina
                                                          Danell and Pam
                                                         Kaylee and Sarah
                                                My bestest girls, Anna and Charmela.  Oh how I love them!
    Judy, who together with her hubby Chuck were kind enough to let Andrea and Yoho stay with them.
                                  Anna with baby Joneaux and Jose's sisters, Gabby and Rosio

                                                           Dana and Michelle

                                                Lots of awesome presents

                                                   Some of us had to "dig in" to the cake.
                                                 My adorable little grandson just loved the taste. :)
         Sarah did so much work helping with the shower.  She and Jamie made these cute favors for        everyone.  The cookies looked like little wedding cakes and tasted good too.  Sarah also made pinwheels and jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese that were sooooo yummy.

The shower turned out just great.  I think everyone enjoyed seeing one another, playing games, visiting, and just plain being together.  Emily was so happy and grateful for everything.

We had such a wonderful time talking to all of our friends and catching up on everyone's families and news.  I always think that my old friends are GOLDEN.  I really miss them and spending time with them a lot.  We always had good times together and they are always so good to me.  Many of them offered a spot for us or any of our wedding guests to stay.  I think that is really so nice.


Yvonne said...

Wow--you really have had a lot going on. Looks like it was a beautiful shower for a beautiful bride.

Nancy Face said...

Bridal showers are so fun! It looks wonderful!