Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Preview

Jose and Emily on the wedding day.

We have spent the last 10 days in Lancaster for Emily and Jose's wedding.  We worked really, really hard getting everything ready and I am so pleased with how it all turned out.  I think it all worked out beautifully.  Here are a few preview photos.    I will post more later. This is part of the candy table.

                                                            The room looked great.

Here is Jordyn holding baby Reggie while his Mommy was doing Emily's hair.

The table decorations

Natalia was so busy moving and dancing around.  She was not still for a moment so this was the best picture I could get of her.  I had fun making her dress.

Here is my beautiful Emily on her wedding day.  She's so happy and I wish her and Jose the best life possible.


Connie said...

What a beautiful bride! Every thing looks lovely. I love the limes in the table decorations. We need to sit down and visit so I can hear the scoop on how it all went.
That little dress is adorable! Good job!
Take care.

nikko said...

What adorable dresses! Both Talia and Emily are beautiful! So glad the wedding went well!

Yvonne said...

Oh, she looks so beautiful. I'm so glad everything turned out well.

The little dress is so cute--great job, Grandma.

Now, relax.

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

She looks beautiful...everything looks beautiful.

I have a good life said...

So, so, so, so beautiful. Everything is so beautiful, especially Emily. Everything looks like it went absolutely wonderfully! We miss you.

Nancy Face said...

She's a lovely bride, and you did a great job on everything!