Saturday, February 6, 2010

Interviews 2/10 and Institue (Pay Back)

We had the best mtg last Thursday. The Zone leaders prepared a great lesson and while the Pres. interviews one missionary at a time, except for the couples who go together, the rest listen and participate in the lesson. While he was interviewing we talked a lot about the war in heaven and how that war is still continuing on today. We need to know what our weapons are against Satan and his wiles. Here is a short list of some of the weapons each of us has; the spirit(sword), our companion, scriptures, prayer, power of the truth, testimony, a living prophet, prophecy, desire, priesthood, knowing truth from error, and being able to choose the right. We expanded on each of these and discussed how they could help us. It was so interesting and uplifing to know that we have the power and the knowledge to do what is right and to be able to teach others correct principles.
For lunch 2 of the sister missionaries fixed Chicken Cordon Bleu, rice, and green beans. Sister Kohler's mom made these cute aprons for them. Then Elders Bertrand and Harper just had to wear those aprons as they cooked scones. They goofed around posing and acting silly, but their scones were d e l i c i o u s. We have soooooo much fun with the missionaries. They are so nice and good to us. We just love them.

Elders Shaunig(Austria) and our 2 French missionaries Paoli and Darguence. All 3 of them are speaking English now. Shaunig perfectly, Darguence getting there, and Paoli (he's new) coming right along.

Soeur Kohler, and Sister Brubaker.

Elder Carpenter is just the nicest. He is an awesome missionary.

The clean up committe in the background and Soeur Carson and Soeur Nielson.

You can see how much these companionships love each other. They even buy matching things to wear.

Each thursday for institute I prepare a meal. This week it was burritos, chips, and banana bread and cupcakes for dessert. The young adults love everything I make. They tell me I should publish a cook book. They are very kind. Our JA membership is growing happily. We have a few investigators attending and a few inactives coming out again. We are so happy.

Once a month the high councilors meet with the stake president and they are always happy if it's in our bldg because after the mtg, they always come in to see "what's cooking". As you can see they love to eat the food too. I very rarely ever have anything left over. They eat every last crumb. One of the men, Pierre, our old Bishop came into the kitchen and told me that he was not going to eat because his wife was holding dinner for him. Before I knew it, he was holding the empty banana bread pan and was scraping out the crumbs with a spoon and eating them. :)

Now for my pay back story. Several month ago we went to the party for Manu and Anne Louise. At that party Brother Vanaquer, our institute director, laced one of the cream puffs with lots of tobasco. I was the lucky recipient of that cream puff. I took one bite and it was oh so hot. I asked Dh how his cream puff was and he said it was just so delicious. Not wanting to make a scene, I quietly asked him to take a tiny taste of mine. He did and said that indeed it was very hot. My mouth was actually burning for a long time after that. I was holding the cream puff not knowing quite what to do with it when I noticed that lots of people were watching me. I quickly realized what was happening and they all burst out laughing. Well, I told Brother Vanaquer, "faites attention (be careful)" because he would get his turn. Since then we have joked about it quite a bit and he occasionally would look at some food I made and ask me, "tobasco?" "No," I always answered, but "faites attention". Well Thursday was pay back day. Soeur Carson was helping me frost the cupcakes and we sprinkled a lot of salt on one of them. Also we mixed salt into the frosting for that cupcake. It was going to be gross. Elder Bertrand came over and said that there was not enough salt. So, he carefully moved aside some of the frosting and sprinkles and with a toothpick made a hole right in the center. Then he filled it with salt and put the frosting back so that it looked as good as new. So the plan was in motion. That evening I was going to give it to Brother Vanaquer. Many of the JA's were in on the plan because they already knew the story. Finally after eating the burritos we served dessert. Luckily 2 of the JA's had a birthday, so I took the tray with the cupcakes and Virginie held 2 of them (the special one and a regular one). After singing Joyeux Anniversaire she gave one to Brother Vanaquer and one to the JA next to him. Then we all watched expectantly except he was sooooooo slow finishing his burritos. Just before he was to eat it, I unexpectantly got called out to talk to the Stake Pres. Oh no, what bad timing that was. I didn't want to leave. This is what happened next. He finished eating and then he got called by one of the high council guys to talk to him. So, he stood up and said, "Noone eat my cupcake." But then he paused and turned around to take a bite to ensure that noone would eat it. As soon as he took the first lick/bite he got his surprise. I then heard a lot of laughter and told the Pres that I would be right back. As soon as I walked into the room, he looked at me and pointed at me and said, "You, you're the one responsible." Everyone was laughing so hard. "Oh yes," I said. "It was me and the missionaries." He told me that as soon as he had that first lick, he immediately knew what was happening. He told me that, "You got me good". We laughed several times during the evening about it. Then he told me that I was the salty girl and he was the spicy boy. It really turned out to be lots of fun. I am not a person who plays jokes on people and in fact this was my very first time and I was glad that he took it well. He does, however, like to play jokes on people often. He also held up 2 thumbs and told me one for one. Soooo, I guess I'll have to wait and see if this is the end or not.:)


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you guys are always having somuch fun!

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You are such a good sport.

Love all that you are doing. I bet everyone is enjoying your cooking.

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Sounds like fun times!