Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dominique and little Kelly

Yesterday we visited Dominique. She is a very nice young woman from Gabon. Kelly is her little daughter. I am surprised how many people have come to France from other countries. There are many, many people here from Africa. I guess things really are very, very bad in many areas in Africa and people want a better life for themselves and for their children. Kelly has it pretty tough. Recently she is got a job and is working in a little clothing store. However, the job is just part time and temporary. She is also taking some sort of training for further employment. For a while she was spending her days going from door to door looking for a job so that she could earn money. She is one of those who wants to work for what she has. She does not want to depend on the dole. I feel sad that it's so tough for her. She has all of her family back in Gabon. Her little brother left for South Africa when he was 5. Yes you read that right- 5 and he has been living there all these years. She says there is nothing Gabonese left in him. I don't know his story, but imagine he was sent there to live with someone. How does a 5 year old leave his country?
Dominique was found by the sister missionaries last year and they taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She told us that she has been to many churches and that they all wanted her to be baptized, but she never felt right about it. Then she started attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She said that she felt a warmth in her heart and a very good feeling when she prayed and she knew that this was the church she wanted to join.
She wants to do genealogy, but it's difficult for her because the men (her father and grandfathers) have many wives and no dates for marriages or any other events. Apparently when they like a woman, they "take her" in a tribal ceremony and they become a wife. The only concrete dates that she has are death dates. She is going to try to record those.
In spite of all of these hardships, she is happy, pleasant, hard-working and a fun young woman. I sure have to hand it to her and wish her the very best. I know the church will be helping her to make a good life for herself.


x.eRin said...

DOMINIQUE!! OH my goodness! I love her so much! That's so sad things are still going so rough for her, job wise! I hope that soon things will look up for her! She is so amazing. She is just a miracle! Tell her when you get a chance that Soeur Stay says "Bonjour!" and "Elle me manques!"

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

It is so awesome to read of these baptisms. My son is preparing to return to Brazil to attend the sealing of one of the families he taught and saw baptized. It is such a blessing to see such faith.

utmommy said...

Cool story! Her little girl is super cute!

Yvonne said...

She looks like such a beautiful woman. People just amaze me with their perseverance. I hope things get better for her. It sounds like she has a great outlook and understanding.

An understanding of the Gospel really does help us see things more clearly.