Monday, February 22, 2010

Americaine, Lunch with DeGrave's

Saturday the missionaries put on a super fun activity for the 2 wards. It was American night. We had a great attendance and lots of investigators there. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. We began the evening with western line dancing. Boy, did everyone get into it. They were kicking up their heels (literally) and having a great time.

Elder Harper and Soeur Kohler did a fantastic job calling the moves and showing the steps. They are both awesome dancers.

Some of our JA's dancing. They actually had an activity going on in the other room where they played games and ate crepes, but they joined in the ward activity for a while too.

Sylvie had a ball.

Ooops, forgot to turn this picture around.

We drank sodas, juices, and water.

We ate chili, chips, and home made corn dogs. Sorry, no picture. There were lots of cookies for dessert.

Here is a typical picture of me sewing the missionaries clothes. I have repaired lots of pants and jackets, hemmed or let out lots of pants and also taught them how to do it themselves. Wish I had my sewing machine here.

Sunday after church we had a lunch/dinner with the DeGrave Family. This family is soooooo nice. They have 9 children, all grown and all married in the temple. They have tons of grandchildren. Claire and I have many things in common and enjoy spending time together.

Dominique was a Bishop, Stake President for many years and then a Patriarch for many years. He and Dh have tons to discuss having shared many of the same callings. Unfortunately he cannot talk very well anymore and he can barely walk because he is suffering from Parkinson's. He cannot eat or function very well at all. However, he still comes to church almost every week.

We had a delicious dinner again.

These are little crepes filled with a little dab of ginger avocado.

This is a crab tarting. Soooo good.

Little mashed potato balls wrapped in confit de cannard. (preserved duck). This had a strong but definitely good taste. Not sure what made the potatoes orange?

Next we had turkey with a potato/onion dish.

As usual we finished with salad and cheese and ended the meal with a fancy pastry which I forgot to take a picture of.
We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon together.
Dominique asked Dh to give him a blessing which he was happy to do.
After that visit we went to visit Stephanie and David Goultin, one of the DeGrave's daughters and her family. They had also invited the Membres. Although we were so full, we had to eat a little bit there too. Stephanie made waffles with all the fixins: jams, sugar, nutella, whipped cream, ice cream, sugar, or any combination of those. She also made a wonderful (kind of) apple crisp. I ate one waffle and a bite of the apple. We had a very nice visit with both families.


allison nadauld said...

I love that you sew all the missionaries clothes. I bet they just love you. That food looks scrumptious and what a party.

Yvonne said...

I was thinking about all that I need to do to help Kyle get ready for his mission--and on that list is helping him to learn to sew on a button (which I really think he already knows how to do--he did take sewing in school ; ) You are such an incredible missionary. I appreciate you and all you are doing. I can only imagine how tired you must be at the end of each day.
How about after you get home and rest for a little while, you come on a mission to Winnipeg?????

Connie said...

Ginger avocado? Very interesting. Natalie, I hope that when you come home and you visit your daughter in Spanish, you come up the street to see me! Would love to sit down with you and hear all about your mission. Love the pictures you take!
Congratulations on Grandchild #14 in July! That's the best part of growing old!