Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Each Monday for Family Home Evening with the JA's we have a lesson and then a game followed by some yummy snacks. Elder Harper has been in charge of the games lately and last week we played human foosball (babyfoot in French). He and the others begged me to play with them this time although I usually don't play ball with them. I finally, unfortunately for me, agreed. Well at the end of the game, I got the ball kicked at me from about a 3 foot distance and it hit me right in the knee. At first it really hurt, but I thought it would get better. However after a few days it started to get worse and worse until now it hurts so much that I can hardly walk. I have to do steps one at a time without bending the one knee and I am limping around. I do have artificial, titanium knees, so it's not the actual knee itself that is hurting, but something in there really, really hurts a lot. I am heating it and taking ibuprophen for the swelling, but I am still up most of the nights in pain. Poor me. I guess I just need to complain a bit. I usually have a really high tolerance for pain, but something must be kinda bad in there. I just hope I will recover really soon so I will be able to function pain free.


nikko said...

How funny that they call it Babyfoot in French. I'll have to tell David that one.

Sorry you are hurting. Hopefully it will improve!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

So sorry about the pain you are dealing with! Although I must sayt the game looks like it would be super fun to play-

Hope it gets better soon-

Jay said...

I hope your knee feels lots better really soon! Sending well wishes. No more babyfoot for you!

Yvonne said...

I hope your knee gets better soon. Sorry. You are such a good sport.