Tuesday, February 9, 2010

District Meeting -Feb 2010

Each week we have district meeting when our district gets together. We discuss our goals, our activities, investigators, make plans, and have a lesson. This weeks lesson was on companionships. D&C42:6 "Ye shall go forth in the power of my spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God." Sisters Gappmaier and Kohler were the guest lesson givers today. They did an excellent job. Some of the concepts that we discussed were that companions should support one another in proclaiming the truth and bearing witness of it. They should help each other work and grow and also help one another in times of difficulty. They should study together, pray together, and try to serve one another. They also should celebrate their successes. They had several activities for us to do. One of them was a game to see how well we know each other. Each companionship also had to make up a victory dance or handshake that they could do when they had a success. Oh, it was so funny. Even Dh and I had to make one up. We made up a short little dance and the missionaries got a big kick out of us. Can you just picture us? Everyone had a turn and it really was fun. We got to laugh and clap for each other. Sisters Kohler and Gappmaier.

Sisters Nielsen and Carson.

Elders Bertrand and Carpenter had quite a long and a bit complicated set of moves.

Elders Harper and Porter loved this activity.

Elders Paoli and Shaunig were going to a service project after the mtg, hence their attire. These two love to goof around, but when it's time to teach the gospel, they are serious and awesome missionaries who really have the spirit.
We have been blessed to have really great missionaries to work with. We are in awe of the knowledge and testimony of these young men and women. They are just wonderful. They are clean cut, hardworking, fun loving young men and women who love God and Jesus Christ. They are talented in so many areas and they are a pleasure to be with. I know the Lord is very pleased with their work and their efforts.

We have had a busy week again with lots of lessons to teach. I even surprised myself this week by teaching several concepts in French to a young couple. She just was not understanding the concepts that the elders and Dh had taught her previously although they did a great job. I explained things to her at a very basic level (in French no less:{ ) and she finally understood. I think it's because she had to listen so carefully to even understand my French that she "got it". Also because she is a girl, she could relate a bit better to me and because I spoke slowly, she had time to actually think about what I was saying. I know the Lord was helping me as I was trying to speak in French.
I have also been doing some repairs and alterations for the elders. January is a months of huge sales in France and so the missionaries had some fun shopping on their p-days They all love the chic, french styles. So, I have had several pairs of pants to shorten or lengthen. I also get to repair rips and tears. Good thing I brought my trusty needle.


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That French is going to come in handy in your new area, eh ; )

I had an investigator over at my house today and she asked me tons of questions (in English thank goodness ; ) I almost felt like a missionary. It was GREAT.