Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Le Vieux Moulin

Beber made all of these stained glass windows. The one to his right and to his left will be for his 2 granddaughters, Marina and Audry. He is leaning on a little shelf that he made to hide the heating unit.

On Saturday, the 5th, we drove into the countryside a little ways and visited Le Vieux Moulin, The Old Mill.
Lana, click on the picture and read the sign.:) The countryside is so beautiful and the mill itself was very interesting to visit. It was fun to see the old water wheel and the old grinding stone working away. When we were there it was grinding corn, but of course it will grind up any grain; wheat, millet, etc.

The little stream that fed the mill was so pretty and I love the sound of water as it bubbles and babbels along.

Inside the mill was a quaint little shop that sold baked goods made from the flour ground right there. We bought a little sweet corn cake and a basque cake. Both were only about 2" high and both were so yummy.

Inside the shop was this picture with writing in Basque. It says: I will be your king in your hearts. The Basque language is very different from any other language. It is not of the indo- european language stock. It goes back to the sumarian languages of 5000 years ago. The Basque country is made up of 7 provinces between Spain and France. 4 are in Spain and 3 are in France. They are on both sides of the Pyrenees. To be a true Basque, one must be born in the Basque country. Dh has many family members born there including his parents and all of his siblings. However, he was born in Bruges, France, so he is considered to be a Frenchman. He did live in the Basque country for many years( probably 8 years). He still understands Basque and can speak quite a bit of it. He had a ball visiting all of the old places and houses where he used to live, went to school, had friends, etc.

The road back to Biarritz.

On the way back, we stopped and took a long walk on a path that led to this gorgeous look-out point.

Biarritz to the far right.

Spain in the background. We came back and were joined by Patrick, Marilyn and Audry.

All 3 of them speak English. Patrick and Audry are fluent and Marilyn does really well too. Marina (in Paris) and Audry are the exact ages of Andrea(23) and Emily(20).

After eating for a long time (probably about 2 1/2 hours) and having about an hour and a half long gospel "discussion", I gave Dh his harmonica and he proceeded to play for a long, long time. They all had the best time. He played so many old Basque and French songs and they all sang along. There were times that he also sang and didn't play. Patrick who was part of band playing drums, drummed on the table. Dh was surprised himself that he remembered so many songs from his past. Some songs had many verses, but if one person forgot a line or two another would come to their aid. They laughed and sang and sang and laughed and thorougly enjoyed themselves. They must have sat there and sang for about 2 hours. Each day that we were there, we went to bed sooooooooooo late. Each night they had so many things to talk about, to reminise about, to laugh about, and even to shed a tear or two about. I know each one of them will hold this precious memory in their hearts.

Beber even found some old papers that had the words to even more songs written on it. They enjoyed remembering those songs and singing them too. I had fun listening and taking pictures. I also spent a lot of time talking with sweet Audry.


Yvonne said...

This must have been such a wonderful trip.

How fun that your husband played the harmonica and everyone sang--what a great memory that will be for everyone.

Love all the pictures.

The Texas Bakers said...

What a wonderful visit! I love the picture in my head of him playing the harmonica and singing. And of course that stained glass is amazing!

Nancy Face said...

The stained glass is wonderful! I love the old mill! :)