Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dh's brother-in-law is a wonderful man. He is kind and sweet and straight as an arrow. He is also a master craftsman. After he retired he learned how to do stained glass. He has done some very beautiful work. I was very interested in his art and so he took me and Dh into his shop and showed us the process step by step. It was very interesting. While we were visiting in Mimizan with Dh's brother and family, Beber decided to make me a gift because he knew how much I loved his work.

He made this lovely stained glass window of Jesus carrying the cross. I was so touched by his efforts, his thoughtfullness, and his creativity. He wanted to make me happy and he certainly did. I love him and I really appreciated his gift to us. Throughout our stay with him and Mado, they both did everything they could think of to make the trip wonderful for us. We are lucky to have such a great family.
Many hours were spent in talking about the gospel with Dh's family. They had lots and lots of questions and we had lots and lots of answers. One evening after a lengthy "discussion" where not everyone agreed with each other, Beber made this statement. "In my house noone will say anything against the Mormons. I saw with my own eyes how they treated Marie Jeanne (Dh's sister who lives in San Bruno) when Arnaud (her husband) died. It wasn't the Catholics from her own church or the Protestants who came to help her. No, it was the Mormons who brought her food every day for over 2 weeks and they were the ones who talked to her and comforted her and listened to her." "I saw it with my own eyes." I am so glad that they were able to comfort her and to give her some compassion. I am glad that they showed such a good example for others to see. That is the way all people should treat one another.


txmommy said...

what a beautiful window, I love it.

The Texas Bakers said...

That is a beautiful story, and a lovely window, as well.

Yvonne said...

The window is beautiful. What a wonderful talent. He sounds like such a sweet man.

People are always watching.