Friday, September 25, 2009

Institute Opening Social

Last night we had a very successful opening night for Institute. Institute is a class held once a week for the JA's and each year there is a different book of scripture to study. This year we will be studying The Book of Mormon.
We had a great attendance. There were 22 JA's present. Happily the numbers are growing. We began with a meeting in the chapel where we heard a short spiritual thought by Manu (Pres of JA's). Then we saw a great video about the promise of a prophet. Following that we had a talk by Pres. Jean- Olivier Smatti. His talk was excellent. After that there was a game set up in the cultural hall and finally we had a small but yummy buffet with lots of socializing.

The game was done in small groups.
Each team got to throw a dice after correctly answering questions on a worksheet. You advanced depending on the number that was on the dice that you threw. There were quite a few worksheets with many questions on each sheet and the teams were able to look in the scriptures for help on the answers. The first team to get to the finish line were the winners. The competition was fierce and the youth had a fun time playing this game.
If you click on the picture, you can see the cute game pieces in detail.

Jean Claude Vanaquer is our fabulous institute director.

Brother Smatti. He along with Brother Vanaquer and Dh had the answers which the youth had to check their answers against before they could advance.

Celine and Clemence (her twin Sophie coouldn't come) came in 2nd place.
Florine and Aurore were the big winners.
Two friends; Remy and Remi.
Twin number 2 is Marie.
Twin number 1 is Natacha.
A couple of side notes.
Dh was asked to be on the High Council and of course he agreed. Besides being over all of the youth in the Stake, he is now also in charge of Calais and Boulogne. So now once a month we will be driving to Calais, on the coast, for Sunday meetings. I think the drive will be at least 2 hours and maybe longer. We will find out this week. Calais and Boulogne meet together and their ward numbers have been drastically decreasing due to many people moving out to bigger cities. One of our resposiblities will be to try and build up the numbers. We shall see what happens.
This week I had several calls from missionaries to help and to talk to Russian people. We will be busy with a few of them giving lessons. Who would have thought that I would be teaching people in Russian here in France and Belgium. Good thing I studied my Russian lessons and that my Mom had me reading Russian books (for fun:0).


Yvonne said...

What a fun opening social. Looks like everyone had such a great time.

I have been to Calais. You both will be a great help to the work there.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

That game looks great! Where did they (you) get that giant playing mat- I haven't seen anything like it-

Natalie said...

Our institute director has had it for many years. I will ask him where he got it.

nikko said...

How wonderful that you get to use your Russian so often!

Robin said...

You are very amazing... sounds like you guys are doing such a good job. I bet it was so good to see your DH family. and this time you probably understood more.. Love you and miss you.

Jay said...

I just love to read your adventures. Institute sounds like it is coming along so well. And you are both able to serve so well. You inspire me. Thanks!