Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anglet, Biarritz Beach

Friday the 4th we took a ride around Anglet and a promenade at the beach in Anglet and then in Biarritz. In the summertime both of these beaches are packed full of people. There is hardly room to sit down, but in Sept. the season is over and so the beaches are empty. The beach in Biarritz is a very popular and well known surfing spot. This particular day it was windy and cool. It was also kind of overcast and dark, so the pictures are kind of dark.

The beach is lovely. It is just beautiful. You can look for miles and miles up the Atlantic Coast in either direction. On a clear day you can see Spain.
Our little group posing at the beach.

Far off on the horizon you can barely make out the Spanish coastline.
Right across the path by the beach is a large park. There were several boys riding skateboards which were pulled by the kites. They were having the best time.

This is called the Cave of Love. The story goes that there was a very rich young lady who lived in a huge mansion right by the beach. She fell in love with a young man who worked for her father. Of course the young man was madly in love with her too. They wanted to marry, but the girls parents wouldn't let her. One day they snuck off and went for a walk. After spending the day together, they went into the cave and fell asleep. Alas, the tide came in and they could not escape from the cave. It is said that you can still hear them calling or crying at certain times of the year.

The little garden area by the cave.
Beber's grandfather was the main caretaker of one of the mansions right by this cave and beach area. When Beber was a little boy, he was able to ride the horses that belonged to this house. He had a great time riding.
This is a resort in the same area.

The house in the background is one where Mado worked as a maid when she was a teen-ager.

The lighthouse at Biarritz. Up by the lighthouse one can take a long walk. The view from here is of Biarritz beach. It is gorgeous, even in bad weather. You can see the casinos, dancing clubs, and hotels to the left.

Apt buildings and homes.

Straight down this path that starts towards the bottom left of the picture is a nudist beach.

A very large sundial near the lighthouse.

All over France and Belgium there are war memorials. I have seen one in almost every city and town. This is one in Biarritz.

This is the same beach, but now we have come down the road quite a ways from the lighthouse and are walking in another area.

This is called the Roche de la Vierge (Rock of the Virgin). It is said that Mary watches over the fishermen whose boats crashed as they tried to come to shore here.

The path extends over the ocean and is like a long pier. You walk right through the rock.

Waiting for dinner after the long beach walks. Some of us were tired, while others were not tired at all. Can you guess which was which?

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Yvonne said...

I never think of people surfing in Europe.

There are war memorials everywhere. It's wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us.