Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have no pictures to post yet, but I have to write and tell everyone how full my heart is. I thought that I shed all of my tears since this summer, but no, the tears are flowing and flowing. The spirit of the Lord is so strong here. I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is.
We arrived here on Monday morning after bidding our family farewell. After many hugs and kisses and smiles and tears and kissing sweet, little faces and hearing wonderful words of love, we were finally able to leave. We arrived to the hustle and bustle of many missionaries and a whole group of senior missionaries. They are an awesome group. Several of the couples have served multiple missions, 3 and 4 and even more. We have former Mission Presidents, Temple Presidents and others who held equally important callings. We have in our group the conductor of the Southern California Mormon Choir, whom I recognized. They are going everywhere in the world; one to Ghana, another to Nigeria and another to South Africa. None of them can take any jewelry, because of the high crime rate and so they are sporting lovely 20 dollar rings from WalMart. They are excited even though there have been some problems lately in that part of the world. Others are going to the Philippines, South America, Australia, Florida, Indian reservations, Palmyra and many other states in the U. S. Some are going on temple missions, others on church office or welfare missions. Others yet are going on work missions and of course some, like us, are going on proselyting missions. Our day was filled with classes, meetings and many inspirational stories.
The cafeteria is huge. There are four stations with 2 lines each which serve all kinds of delicious foods. The atmosphere is so friendly. All the Elders and Sisters chat and are so excited to be serving the Lord. I met several who are going to Russia and so I was able to talk to them for a while. Others are going to Mongolia, and just about anywhere you can think of. When the seniors are in line for the food, the Elders will often let them to the front of the line. When we come to sit at the table, they will stand up until the Sister sits down. They hold the doors open for us and are all so nice and friendly. Their Mothers would be proud. We did not finish until almost 8 at night and got home so exhausted we could hardly do our homework.
Today was another busy day. We had classes, studied, taught our first investigator and then went to a fireside. I was pretty nervous giving my part of the lesson, but it went really well and our investigator left happy and ready to learn more of the gospel. One of our teachers and another leader of our group were both young men who served in Russia and so I was able to talk to them too. They were excited to be able to speak Russian again. In the evening we went to a devotional given by Sister Beck, General R.S. President. While we were sitting in the hall waiting
for the devotional to begin, we sang 3 songs. You cannot imagine the power of all those missionaries singing together. WOW!!! Sister Beck said many important and interesting things. She said that 19 year old boys are turned into prophets. I pray that all of my grandsons will go on a mission. It is the work of theLord.
4 interesting points. I Missionary work is the work of the Lord. 2. You have help. You are not alone. 3. Members are the key to success. 4. Baptism is only the beginning.
I did not know that I would say this, especially so early into our mission, but I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He has a plan for us to be on this mission. I am worried and scared that I am not good enough or smart enough to be a great missionary, but I have been given the assurance by the Spirit that the Lord will be with me to help me and to guide me. I will certainly do the very best that I can.
I have been assured that my family will be blessed and watched over because we want to serve the Lord.


utmommy said...

You guys will do awesome!

We love you!

S came home yesterday, and said, "I really miss Papa."

** Dre and Yoho ** said...

you will be an amazing missionary!! I am so proud of you and hopefully me and yoho can follow in yours and dads footsteps!! LOve you and miss you!!

txmommy said...

how wonderful, I am so glad that you already feel that joy and assurance. You guys will do awesome!

You are super friendly and people always love you. That will be a gift to you in your work, you will make people feel comfortable and loved then they can listen to the whispering of the spirit.

Jay said...

I am so inspired reading your blog. I feel the missionary spirit stir in my heart by reading your wonderful testimony. Those you serve will look into your eyes and just feel the love you have for people. AND that transcends any language. Your example is changing lives. I'm SO excited for you!

Robin said...

I'm so excited for you guys..Its good to hear how the spirit is so strong there. You gusy will be awesome missionaires.. I love you

Christine said...

We are so happy for you guys! Good luck!

Anna said...

I love it! keep on posting!

AeroRob said...

Millie misses Papa, but we still keep feeding her, after she reminds us.

It's great to read that our prayers for you are answered. You have special skills that are needed in the field.