Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Not At The MTC

My daughter Ut Mommy getting ready for work.
Yoho and T having dessert.

These two girls (aunt and niece) have loved each other since auntie was 18 mos old and niece was just born. A thinks she's D's Mom and has to take care of her.

Our favorite "Mt. man"

Part of the gang enjoying dessert.

M our beautiful little model/dancer.

S the computer guy/dinosaur fighter.
J our little monkey and busy girl.

Dani and Greg the love bugs.

Yoho and Ang the happy newleyweds.

My cute son M and adorable J.

The 2 birthday boys.

They actually blew out all the candles.

Wow! Look at all those candles.

S and his pretty Mommy doing homework.

Only 2 working when usually it's 4 plus Mom.

Life with Utah Mommy is very busy, but so much fun. Her DH is so funny! He keeps us in stitches all the time. The kids are very cute. We keep busy going to the temple, going to my language classes at the MTC 3 times a week, studying and going to a devotional on Tues. eves. Our visas have not arrived yet and now we have found out that Belgium is having lots of strikes. We think that is causing the delay. Ut.Mommy is so busy. She works, teaches 4 dance classes and 1 4-H class. She keeps her house spotless and spends lots of time with her kids. She amazes me. DH and I do what we can to help. In the evenings we have had time to play some games too.

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marcia@joyismygoal said...

You have such a beautiful family i truly enjoy reading your mission experiences so far