Friday, June 15, 2012

Halls and Taylors

 Last Saturday Allen came over and worked on our installing a fan for us over our table.  He worked for a long time.
 Wednesday he came and installed the back screen door.  It is getting hot and John always like to open door to get some air and I do not want any bugs coming in.
 He took a dinner break from installing the fan on Saturday and the 4 of us went to eat at the Cracker Barrel.  We had a very nice dinner and enjoyed some good conversation.  After dinner he came back over and finished installing the fan.  It was quite a large job.

The week before that on Wednesday we were invited over to the Taylor's home for dinner.  After a very nice dinner and wonderful conversation Lindy played the piano for us.  She is a concert pianist and her music was just beautiful.  We just loved it.  The family sang to us just before we left.

 Joshua also had a turn playing a couple of songs for us.
 Finally, Aria played the violin.  Oh my goodness, but this family is so talented.
 Paul is the High Priests Group Leader.  He and John always have a lot to talk about.
 We had a most pleasant and enjoyable evening.

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