Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hand Prints

I had fun making these little handprints.  The babies (sort of) cooperated.  I did have to re-do Tal's once because the first one turned out kind of bad.  I am not a very good artist and had trouble doing the greenery.  I think they turned out fun and will be a good memory for their parents.

In other news, baby Jakob has started holding his breath until he passes out.  I guess he did it the other day while with Jose.  He turned all blue and limp and seemed like he was not breathing.  They thought he was dead.  How scary!  Em called 919 and  Jose was blowing in his mouth.  He came too in about 3 mins.  I would have been freaking out.  The Dr said it's a temper tantrum and that some kids do it.  He did it again the following day.  He seems too little to me to be getting mad and holding his breath, but I guess not.  He's such a sweet little baby too.  He's calm, happy and always loving and cuddly.  This seems so so strange.  Now whenever they seem him starting, they blow on his face and it seems to help.  I sure hope he stops soon.


Tera said...

How terrifying. I can't imagine how scared they must have been.

Nancy Face said...

That is just terrifying what baby Jakob is doing! YIKES!

On a happy note, those little handprints are precious!