Friday, June 1, 2012

May B'days BBQ

 Last Sunday we had a May Birthday celebration for the people here.  Sadly we couldn't include Amadeo and Rob because they live too far away.  We also got to meet Clayton, Jenna's friend.  He is very nice and we liked him a lot.  All of the little kids liked him too.
 Here is Jenna with her high heels on and below is Jenna with her shoes off to show how tall Clayton is.  They are a very cute couple and I think they really enjoy each other.

 Jose and Spencer are the birthday boys.

 Of course the babies wanted to blow the candle out too.  Tal was first.

 Then Reggie had a turn.
 Finally Tatum blew her candles out.  We also had to sing Happy Birthday to them, even though it wasn't close to their birthdays.   They loved it.

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Connie said...

How fun! It's good you included the little ones too! Jenna's friend must be very tall! Loved the previous post of Katie's graduation. Your son looks too young to have a daughter graduating!