Saturday, April 16, 2011

Andrea's B'day dinner

Andrea had a little birthday dinner at Val's house.  Val has been soo nice to let us have all of our celebrations at her house.  We always have a great time there together.  Val's little girls often put on a dance show for us, but I didn't have any pictures.  Whenever they dance, little Tal rocks out too and that little one has sure got the rhythm.

          Two sisters enjoying each other's company.
 Friends old and new came to help celebrate.  We have known Melanie since she was a newborn baby.  She's one of our favorite people.  Dani is a great new friend.

 Melanie and Andrea were babies together and now they're Mommy's together.


nikko said...

Family birthday parties are so fun!

Yvonne said...

Looks like such fun. I bet they all love having you there to celebrate.

-M- said...

It was so wonderful to get together and celebrate one of my favorite people's birth! Oh how I love Andrea and am so happy to know her and the rest of your family!