Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michael and JaNee's Wedding

On March 31st our last child, our second son, got married.  Michael and JaNee had a beautiful wedding that took place at the Red Butte Gardens, a natural conservation preserve.
I can't believe that now all of my children are married.
It was a wonderful day with all of my children and their spouses present.  It has been many years since we were all together and we all enjoyed spending time together.  Too bad all of the grandchildren could not come and that the time was too short.  However, I am so grateful for the time we did have together.  It was lots of fun.  We talked, reminisced, played, laughed and just really loved being together.  It was a bit hectic too because it just so happened that this was the same week that we had to move into our new house.  I had no appliances, no sink in the kitchen, mess everywhere, but in spite of it all, it was great.   

The cake table was unusual and so pretty.  The cakes were yummy too.

Michael, Alec, Ace, and Jesse

JaNee and her Dad.  JaNee was a gorgeous bride!

                                                        Andrea, Diogo, and baby Reggie

Larry and Linda

                        The babies were so hard to take a photo of. Tal just didn't want to sit down.

                                          Baby Joneaux is wondering why she is so unhappy.

My Family

                                 Ace on the left and our son Alec on the right goofing around.

Rob and Lana

                                                                    Kelly and Alec

4 Generations

                                                           Valerie and Ryan

                                                          Amadeo and baby Joneaux
                                                          Anna and Joneaux

Andrea and Emily

                                                    All of my children

The girls

The boys

                                                                       Jose and Emily

                           I love this picture of Amadeo reading to Tatum and Joneaux.  They loved it too


nikko said...

What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations!

utmommy said...

It was so fun!

Connie said...

Love the pictures! It looks like you had lots of fun, the bride and groom are a darling couple! Does this mean you get to relax now? No, wait, you have to move into your house! Good luck in everything! Let me know when you have a breather. We ned to go to lunch.

Yvonne said...

Everything looked so lovely. I'm so glad.

You have such a beautiful family.

I hope your move goes well.

Jay said...

Everything and everyone looks so beautiful! Congrats!