Saturday, April 30, 2011


 This morning we woke up to this-----lots of snow.  It actually began snowing yesterday.  I just couldn't believe it.  Here it is the very end of April.  For goodness sakes, it's almost May and it's snowing.
                                                     This is my little porch this morning.
 Last night we went to the High Priest's Social in our new ward.  It was a lot of fun.  It was held at a lodge that the church owns called Mutual Dell.  It's located up in American Fork Canyon.  The drive up is really beautiful.  It actually looked like Christmas with all the snow.  I imagine it's really pretty in the fall with all the colorful leaves.  I'm looking forward to seeing it then.
 For dinner they served Raclette which was sooooo delicious. We grilled shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, and onions and ate it with baked potatoes and melted cheese.  The cheese is melted on the little trays which fit under the grill.  You can see the handles of the trays sticking out from under the grill.  We ate this yummy dish in France and Belgium and it was so nice to have it again.
 After dinner there was a really fun talent show/ program.  We got to learn a little bit more about our ward members.
 This is our Bishop and his lovely wife.
This couple invited us to drive up with them.

Our new ward has been very friendly.  Everyone has been so welcoming and we are certain that we will enjoy getting to know everyone and being members of this ward.  I have already been visited by the R. S. Presidency and by my visiting teachers.  I have already been called as a visiting teacher and have done my visits.  It has been great getting to know some of the sisters.  Each one of them has been so nice.  We have also been very impressed with the talks and the lessons.  They have been sooo good, so interesting, and so informative.  The teachers have given outstanding lessons.  I think I'm going to learn a lot living here.


Connie said...

How wonderful to be in such a good ward. Your bishop looks young. Looks like a fun party.
Can you believe that snow? I ran a 5K at Thanksgiving Point yesterday and couldn't believe how cold it was for the last day of April!

Yvonne said...

We had snow this morning--unbelievable.

I'm glad you are in a great ward, which I know is even better with both of you there.

Landon said...
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Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Normal weather for my part of Utah- and we have been somewhat spared this year- although it is SOOOO not warm enough. American Fork Canyon is Gorgeous in the fall- just you wait. Where did you buy your home? We are out in that area a lot! Like at least monthly. I have three SIL/BIL combos in the area of AF and Highland.

Jay said...

So glad you are settling in well, and that your new ward is good. Make a snow ball for me!