Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We went to California for a couple of weeks and had a wonderful time at Anna and Amadeo's home.  Thanksgiving morning John and Anna with some of Amadeo's family ran in the Oceanside Turkey Trot.  It was John's first time and they all loved it.  I got to stay home and play with baby Joneaux, the most adorable little guy.  Later in the afternoon we all went to Nonna and Pops laden with food.  There they also had a ton of food.  There was so much food of all kinds and it was all delicious.

John and Anna enjoying each other's company.
Here's the whole gang.  They had a lovely day to run and a beautiful view to look at.

We had a great time except for a very terrible incident with baby Joneaux.  He was crawling and walking around by himself.  He found a cup that someone had left with ice spilled out of the cup on the floor.  Without anyone seeing him, he put that large piece of ice in his mouth and then choked on it.  Luckily, I had just walked into the room and saw him behind the couch with a terrified look in his eyes.  He was not breathing and didn't know what to do.  I grabbed him up and called for Anna.  She grabbed him from me and tried to put her finger in his mouth, but his mouth was clenched shut---tight.  She began pounding him on the back and said, "do something!"  I then pried his mouth open, put my finger down his throat and felt the ice cube.  I was able to stick my finger behind the ice cube and pop it out along with a potato chip piece.  Poor little guy.  As soon as he could breathe, he began crying and wanted Anna to hug him.   She did and he then wanted to hug everyone that was around him to let them know he was ok.  He is such a loving little guy.  Oh my gosh,  it was soooo scary.  That night I couldn't sleep for a long, long time because I kept thinking and seeing the whole scene replay itself in my mind.  We are so grateful that Heavenly Father protected him and that I was able to be there just at the right moment.        


c. griffith said...

i wish i could've made it to the b-day party! i wanted to see you so badly!
and i'm so thankful joneaux is okay!!

Rachel said...

Oh Natalie... how scary!

Learn baby heimlich ... It saved Haylee once from a random dime!!! It works every time!

Connie said...

Seeing a baby choke is terrifying! I'm so glad it turned out OK. It made me tear up to picture the panic and then the hugging.
Good for John for running the turkey trot! Your weather looked much nicer than ours and your scenery too. We ran through parking lots!
So glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Let me know when you're back in town. We need to do something!

Yvonne said...

That must have been so scary. I am so glad he is okay.

How fun for you to be there for Thanksgiving. Glad you had such a great time and that your husband was able to run in the turkey trot. Looked like perfect weather.

Nancy Face said...

Oh my goodness! What a scary situation! You did a great job!