Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guest Blogger

Across the street from our apartment a huge building project is going on. They have been working on it since we got here in Dec. DH has really enjoyed watching the work and here is a poem that he has written: The Backhoe

From the upper window of my building
I cast my gaze towards the rising sun
And watch with a child's fascination
The Komatsu giants sliding on iron tracks.
They summon the strength of a thousand hands
And assist man in his grandiose designs
Which he can't create by his might alone.
These marvels of hydraulic sophistication
Release earth tearing energy, scoop up,
lift and move mountains of crushing weight
With the effortlessness of the Gods
As they roll back and forth on man's errand.
These finicky contraptions work best
On a special diet of diesel fuel
Which they devour with obvious relish
As gigantic explosions of power
Thunder out from their super heated bellies
And the roar of life is heard from within.
No roar, no work is the law of the machine.
These titans of awe inspiring prowess
Meld together the giraffe's walking grace
And the brute strength of rock crushing force.
Utterly obedient but blind and soulless,
They move at the beck and call of man
Who, perched inside of his command post
That bristles with levers, lights, and gauges,
Alternatley lifts, digs, scoops up, or pulls
In a stunning demonstration of the
Supremacy of mind over matter,
Brawn and brain yoked cleverly together,
Yielding as they work the synchronized might
Of the creator and of the creature.
Man and machine, both supreme achievements:
Man, the crowning glory of God's genius,
Machine, a triumph of man's creative
Insight and stored wisdom of the ages,
Linked in one common effort, flesh, and steel,
And, being the sum and summit of each
Other's attributes and enlightened vision,
They bring to pass the dreams of earlier men
and the hopes of the best minds of yesteryear.
March 2009


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

That is a talented man you are married to-

Yvonne said...

WOW. Oh to be able to write like that ; )

carolinagirl said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I have added you to my blogroll, and I can't wait to start reading yours!