Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Grandson

11 years ago this wonderful boy was born. T was our first grandson and boy oh boy was he ever welcome into our family. We already had 4 awesome granddaughters whom we love so very much, but we were so excited for this new little boy to come into our family. That year I was working as a part time reading specialist and because of the nature of my job and because I was lucky enough to be liked by my school district, they always let me take whatever time I needed or wanted off school. So, my 2 daughters who were still at home and I left DH to continue working :( and drove up to Rexburg Idaho to await the birth. All of my children's spouses have always been so gracious and kind as to let us come and visit and even stay for as long as we have wanted. So, we drove up to Idaho and began a very fun visit.
In the middle of the night on March 7th, my daughter V came and woke me up. She said that she didn 't feel good and wasn't sure what was going on. She had been up for several hours already, had soaked in the tub and suffered in silence. She didn't want to disturb her hubby or us. However, she was feeling really bad. I wasn't sure if she was in labor or not because her symptoms were a little unusual. She had a bad pain in her side, was dizzy, felt nauseous, and other things. Shortly after I got up, she began seriously vomiting. I barely had a chance to call out her hubby's name. He had heard her throw up and he flew out of his bed to be by her side. I have never seen anyone move so fast. He is wonderful in emergency situations, keeps his head about him and acts fast and in an appropriate fashion. I am so grateful for that wonderful quality of his. Anyway, we decided that we better take her to the hospital. By this time, both of my little girls were awake and we called R's uncle to come and watch my girls. We quickly threw on some clothes. R dressed V in some sweats and practically carried her out to the car. Wouldn't you know it, it was the middle of a horrible Idaho snow storm. We got into the car and R started driving to the hospital with his head out the window to see the road. I didn't want to interfere or be a meddling mother-in-law, but I said, "Maybe we should stop just for a moment so that you can wipe off the window." Immediately he said that was a good idea. He pulled over and cleared the window which didn't stay all that clear for long. Meanwhile poor V is throwing up and in terrible pain. We got to the hospital and after doing some tests, they found out that she was having a kidney stone attack. Poor V, she was really suffering. After, I don't remember how many hours, she passed the kidney stones. By this time, the attack had caused her to go into labor. The nurses told her that she could go home and then come back when her labor progressed. They said it could be many, many hours. However, she said, "It is my due date today and I'm not leaving this hospital without a baby." R and I agreed that she should labor in the hospital, although we didn't know how long it would take. R was wonderful with her. He was so encouraging and soothing. He was an outstanding coach. I really tried to give them as much privacy as they wanted, but R was so good to me and even said that we were good coaches together. V didn't have any meds and after several hours(quote from V"18 long hours") she was ready to push. She pushed for a while and little T was born. He looked so big for a newborn. I believe he was 9lbs 3 ozs. Correct me if I'm wrong V and I will change it. He was a beautiful, little baby. We were all sooooooo excited. He was just perfect.
I always remember when they first brought him home. They came into the house and R picked the baby up out of the little car seat. Then all three of them walked around the house and showed little T his room, his toys, and the rest of the house. They were on cloud 9 to have this adorable little boy to call their own.
T is growing up to be such a nice, young man. He has a special talent of being extra good with babies. If a baby is crying or sad, he can make that baby happy. He was only 16 months old when his little sister was born, but even being so little himself, he was so sweet and gentle with her. He is very smart and like his Dad he is a very athletic little boy. He does well at school hand in scouting. He is kind to people and sensitive to their needs. He is a great older brother, and he is a nice son and grandson. I am so blessed to have this awesome boy in my life. I love you T.


The Wendler Family said...

I'm sure it is great to have him for your grandson, especially after all those girls. :) Little boys are their own kind of fun! He is growing into such a nice young man.

allison nadauld said...

Happy Birthday to everyone! It's of month of celebration!! I love the tributes.

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to your cute grandson! :)

What a scary experience with the kidney stones, yikes!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Hey- my SIL is the blonde on the bleachers right above his hat! I thought that was so funny when I saw it on UTMommy's blog- The world just gets smaller all the time-

You have a lot of blessings to celebrate this month! How fun!

Robin said...

What a great tribute... I bet you are missing him... Have a great day.. Miss you

Yvonne said...

I've got to put you on my google reader--I'm sorry it took me so long to get here.

I love reading your tributes. They are always so great.

How scrary for your V--it is not easy to be throwing up when you are that far along. She must have been in so much pain.

Happy Birthday to T

utmommy said...

Great job Mom, he was indeed 9 lbs. 3oz. But, it was only a few hours, it was 18 long hours.

Love ya!