Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Exotic, Gorgeous Second Daughter

Today, March 10th is the birthday of my exotic, gorgeous daughter V. I have posted her picture with her family first because she loves them best and does everything for them. They are so lucky to have her for a Wife and Mommy.
All my life I wanted to have a large family. I really, really wanted each of my children and prayed and prayed for each one. After my first two, I had some problems getting pregnant and even had to go in for shots to solve some female problems and to get things all set. Well I had a daughter and two sons and we really wanted another baby girl. Our entire family prayed each morning and each evening for Heavenly Father to bless us with a little baby. Finally our prayers were answered and we were expecting little V. I remember the day I went into labor so vividly. It was a friday and I was having contractions all day. I called my good friend Judy Ferrari and she came over to my house to wait with me for DH to come home from work and to watch the children while DH and I went to the hospital. I had had such a horrible birth experience previously at AV hospital with a dreaded dr. that this time I went to a great OB in Victorville, Ca. about an hour and a half drive away. Of course on this day DH came home a bit late. By this time my water had broken and was slowly leaking so that I had to remain seated. When we told him that we needed to go to the hospital to have our baby, he asked if I couldn't wait a while because that was the night we were supposed to go to hear a Jewish man speak of his conversion at a Know Your Relgion Series that was being given at our stake center. DH was very anxious to hear him. He didn't understand, at first, the urgency of the situation. When I explained that no, my water was already broken and I could not wait, he was very willing to leave immediately. Packed with towels we left in our little car and drove the hour and a half and believe me, I felt every bump and hole in that long road through the desert to the hosp. We were immediately admitted and I was put in a labor room with the most awesome East Indian nurse. She was so kind and attentive. She stayed right with me the entire time. She spoke so kindly and gently the whole time. The dr. checked me and said that he would be right next door waiting for the delivery. Things went well until the very end when my blood pressure went so low that all I remember was the nurse suddenly rushing around and she and DH turning me on my side. When I came too, after that scary episode, I needed to push and so the nurse delivered little V right there in the labor room after only a couple of pushes. The dr. never even made it in from the next room over. I didn't have any meds for this delivery and because of the good care of this wonderful nurse, I also didn't have to have an episiotomy nor did I rip or tear. It was the best delivery ever. Little V was the most beautiful baby ever. All of the nurses at the hospital( well in maternity and delivery) came to see her over the next couple of days. All of them talked about how beautiful she was. I cannot explain how excited and happy I was. She was just perfect. V was always a very pleasant and happy little girl. She was always content with a sweet smile on her perfect, little face. When she was tiny, about 3, she would help me take the clothes out of the dryer. With each item that was hers, she would say, "Oh mommy, thank you for washing my dress, shirt,etc." When she was a teen-ager, she had lots of friends. She was and is so much fun. When V would walk into a room it was as if everyone knew that it was time for the party to begin. V loves dancing. She began dancing as a little girl and kept it up all through high school. She also taught dancing all through high school to help pay for her expenses and even today she teaches dance classes. This was in addition to her being involved in Student Government and being Senior Class Pres. She skipped 8th grade and did great with that. The only problem with skipping a year of school is that she then left home early to go to college. I was so sad to see her go. She also subs at her children's shool and is involved in PTA, and I don't even know how many other things she does and is involved in. V is an immaculate housekeeper and a wonderful wife and mommy. I don't know how she gets so many things done so well. She has lots of energy.

My adorable grandchildren!
V and her hubby. He is so nice and has the best sense of humor. When we are around him we laugh and laugh and have the best time. V says that she can never even get mad at him because if something does happen, he just makes her laugh.

I love the look on sweet S's face as he is kissing his Mommy.

I am so grateful that V is my daughter. I feel like we are friends now as well as Mother and Daughter. We sure have some wonderful times together. Happy Birthday my Darling!


Robin said...

Children what a blssing they are and yours are all so very special..

utmommy said...

Thanks Mom!! I love you!

txmommy said...

happy Birthday exotic one!

Yvonne said...

LOL at txmommy's comment.

You do have such a wonderful family. I'm sure you are missing them all.

Hugs to you.

The Wendler Family said...

You labor and delivery of V sounds a lot like mine with Miles'. Just perfect! Oh man- I just love your family! V is no exception. She is just wonderful! Happy Belated!

Nancy Face said...

She has the most beautiful family! What a sweet post! :)