Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, it hardly feels like we're on a mission at the moment, but I promise we really are. When we were in Southern France, we had a lot of gospel centered discussions with Dh's family. In fact Patrick and Dh have had some very serious and very interesting discussions about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
During the summer months many of our young adults, in fact most of them, leave to go to their homes. Most people in France take vacation either in July or August. The church has much less attendance during these months too. Vacation is very "serious business" here. A funny but true story: A few years ago a General Authority scheduled a visit to France during the month of August. The Mission President was talking to the Stake President to remind him to call all of the Bishops and remind them of the date in August that was scheduled to meet with the General Authority. "Oh, but that is vacance time." said the Stake President "Can we re-schedule?" No, it couldn't be rescheduled. They had to hold the meeting as was convenient for the visiting authority. And so, our activities with the young adults are greatly reduced during July and Aug. Never-the-less, we keep really busy visiting people, proselyting, training, etc. etc.
This coming week is the Lille Stake week at the temple in London. Because of our schedule we were able to accept an invitation from the Stake Presidency to accompany them to London. We are so excited to go. We will leave tomorrow early, early morning and drive to Wimereux not far from Calais. There we will leave our car and go with Pres. Boutoille and his family. We will cross the English channel and go to England. We will spend 4 days there. I think we will do a minimum of 2 or 3 temple sessions a day and then the rest of the time we will be able to explore London.
On Wednesday we will go to the theatre and see Wicked with some friends from Arras, Kaye and Pierre Janda.
I am really looking forward to this time of working for the Lord and having some extra fun thrown in too.


The Texas Bakers said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hope someday we can serve a mission like you.

Connie said...

How exciting! I think serving the Lord and having some fun thrown in to it is the way to go!

Hope you're feeling better.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

My inlaws sometimes feel like they aren't really full time missionaries either :) It is fun to see them upon occasion, which we just did on our family vacation. They are serving in the Family History Center in Salt Lake- so unlike your family, we get to see them quite frequently-

How are the shingles? I hope they are getting much better

Yvonne said...

You mean General Authorities don't take July and August off ; )

I hope you had a great trip to the temple. I bet you enjoyed Wicked--I never have seen it, but hope one day to get a chance to do so.