Monday, April 12, 2010

Party with the Missionaries

Before Easter the missionaries asked me if they could come to our apt again to have a party. I told them of course. As usual we had a really fun time. The Easter Rabbit left a basket of chocolates at our apartment for them and they enjoyed eating them. The girls brought me the cute little basket that they made with some chocolates too a few days before that. In fact they made a little treat for each of the companionships. Each set of missionaries got a little note with a scripture clue to figure out where their surprise was hidden. We started out our evening by playing the memory game where I set out certain items (pictured above) on a tray and covered it with a towel. Then I took the towel off and walked around with the tray. Each person got a chance to get a good look. Then I covered the items and they had to write down the names of the items that they could remember. The one who wrote the most items down won. Soeur Kohler was the winner. She remembered 16 of the items. Then we played a game "I've never". Soeur Kohler won that game too. She rocks at games. Next we played Loup Garou (The werewolf) This is a really fun game where cards are passed our to each player and they are assigned the character who is on the card. There are villagers, a seer, a little girl, a hunter, 3 loup garous, etc. The object of the game is to discover who the 3 werewolves are before they kill all the people. It is soooo much fun. We laughed and laughed as we played this game.
By now people were hungry and so we ate beef strogonoff with pasta, which I made, a delicious salad with ranch dressing (thanks to Soeur Kohlers Mom for the American dressing) made by the sisters and several desserts made by the elders. I think everyone loved all of the food. We had a lot and almost every bit of it was eaten.
We then ate a yummy

Here they are trying to remember what they saw.

Elder Shaunig was the narrator for Loup Garou.

I know I have said this before, but we have the best missionaries who serve with us. We just love them. They are all so smart, dedicated, spiritually inclined, fun awesome young men and women. I really stand in awe of them and their good works and their knowledge.

We are in a bittersweet time because it is once again transfer time. We are losing 5 of our missionaries. One going home after serving 2 full, successful years and 4 transferring to a new area. We know that we will get other missionaries, but we are sad to see these 5 leave.

Elder Porter is staying, so we get to enjoy him for a while longer. Elder Porter always helps me in the kitchen on Thursdays when I cook for young adult institute. He is one of the Elders assigned to work with us. He is great and we have so much fun together.

Soeur Carson is staying. I remember the first time I met her how impressed I was with her French. Soeur Carson is always happy and is always lifting up other peoples spirits. She is a wonderful Missionary. Hurray for her staying.

Elder Dalton and Elder Bertrand have been awesome Zone leaders. They are always so helpful and willing to do anything. Elder Dalton comes to us from the Paris area. He has been a wonderful addition to our district. The Elder is so hardworking and also always cheerful.

What can I say about Elder Bertrand? He is going home to Arkansas. We love him so much. He is an awesome young man and is an awesome missionary. He is planning on becoming a doctor. We will miss him a lot. He is so full of the spirit. This is the young man who taught the Petrov's the gospel by pointing to verses in the scriptures. Then Vasil would read the verses in Bulgarian to Hayrie. Then they would use hand motions and simple signs to each other. They were truly led and taught by the spirit. This handsome Elder is full of mischief and fun, but he is also soooo tender hearted that when he feels the spirit, tears come to his eyes. I will especially miss him although I know his family will be so excited and happy to have him come home.

Soeur Pobst is new to our district and we already love this cute, fun loving missionary. She is so diligent and so smart. We are very happy that she is staying.

Elder Neidhart is staying. We get to enjoy this kind, humble young man for a while longer. He is a dedicated missionary who is always concerned about others and acting on those concerns. He has a brilliant mind and a willing spirit.
Soeur Kohler is leaving for Charleroi. I am so sad to see her go, although I know she is going where she is so needed. She is the best. She is always so positive, cheerful, and helpful. She is awesome. We have become great friends. Whenever we are out somewhere and I am walking at the end of the group, she always comes and walks with me to keep me company although she could out walk any one of us. She has been a great asset to our district as a missionary and she will be an asset wherever she goes.
Elder Jurrus is leaving too, sadly. He is going to be a new Zone leader without even having been a district leader. This awesome elder has only been with us one transfer. We worked closely with him because he was assigned to be with us and the young adults. He is amazing. He has a great testimony and is a hard worker. Besides that he is so much fun to be with. We will really miss him a lot. When you first meet him, you can immediately feel that he is just a good guy.
Elder Shaunig is leaving too. Elder Shaunig is our amazing pianist. He is very bright and has been a really good district leader. He gave great lessons and I think he presented them very well. He is always willing to help out. Whenever he goes to someones house, he is the one doing the dishes and helping in any way he can. This fine young Austrian will do well in life and will accomplish a lot of good. He is a super missionary.

Soeur Nielsen is also leaving. We have enjoyed getting to know her. Our district was her very first when she first arrived here. We have seen her grow and blossom.
Here we are with our formal faces.

And, here we are with our crazy faces.

Elder Jurrus has a very interesting story. He has know one girl since elementary school. He said that he always gave her a bad time, teasing, etc. Then they went to separate schools and didn't see each other for a while. In high school they once again reconnected and he still gave her a bad time. They had 5 classes together and they eventually became good friends. He knew that she was LDS, but he was never interested in religion. On day she asked him if he wanted to go with her to eat or something, I can't quite remember. Anyway it wasn't a date, but they had a nice time together. then they went somewhere else together. Finally she gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he would be happy to read it, but he wasn't interested in going to church or anything. He read about 30 pages. Then she asked him if the missionaries could come over and talk to him and teach him the gospel. He said sure and began having a few lessons. After a few lessons, they challenged him to be baptised. He said "Woooh, where did that come from? I don't want to be baptised." They said that was just fine and could they continue teaching him? He told them yes. A short time after that he was reading the Book of Mormon and he decided to pray about it. As he was kneeling, he got the answer that the book was true and that the gospel was true. He says that it was the most overwhelming feeling that he has ever had. He says that it filled his chest with warmth and he just broke down crying. He got up and called his Father and told him that he had this experience and that he was going to get baptised into the church. His Father responded by saying that they would discuss it when he got home. Well they talked about it and both of his parents consented that he could get baptised. Now that girl that he used to tease and give a hard time to is his fiancee. She is waiting for him and in fact decided to serve a mission too. As it turned out, they were able to spend 4 weeks together at the MTC before going to their individual missions.

Bye Elder Bertrand. Have a great life. We will miss you.

Soeur Kohler, we hope to see you soon. Keep up your good work.

Elder Dalton was one of the werewolves. We are going to enjoy working with him some more.

After eating we played some more games and before we knew it, it was time for them to go home. As they were leaving I heard one of the girls say, "I told you it would be fun." The other replied, "It really is fun at her house." I was so glad to hear that. Little did they know that I have fun when they come over.
I could say many more wonderful things about each of these missionaries. They really are the cream of the crop.


Yvonne said...

I love hearing your write about the missionaries. You can feel your love for them. I'm so glad you are there for each of them.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I would definitaly say you make such a difference in the missionaries mission experience!

How much fun you create for them- awesome!