Thursday, April 15, 2010

JA (Young Adult) activities in April

What happens when you make a pie and fill it with shaving cream and then decorate it so pretty and give it to the JA's to sample? You got it! The JA takes the pie and puts it in your face.:) That is exactly what happened to Elder Bertrand on April Fools Day. He tricked a couple of missionaries into having a bite and also a few young adults. However, he didn't trick Noemi. In fact, she chased him down and let him have it. His companion, Elder Dalton, got some pie in his face too.

Marie bought a brand new car. It is a Dacia.
It only cost 1,100.00 euros. She is so thrilled to have her own car.

Florine, Reynaud, Claudine and Noemi.
Natacha, Virginie and Alexandre all just talking and enjoying each others company after institute class is over.

3 Lasagnas that I made as part of the meal after institute.

The 28th of March we had MTC-JA. Alexandre had this great idea to hold a mock MTC for the young adults. It is taking place on 3 separate Sundays after the meetings at church. First they all meet together and have lunch. Then they have the training. The first month was on how to develop a testimony. This month will be how to become a missionary and how to do missionary work. Next month it will be an actual practise of missionary work. The first one was very successful and the young adults really enjoyed themselves. They are excited for this activity.

JA's sharing a lunch together.

Noemi, Esther, Aurelie, and Fanny.

2 sets of the young missionaries are helping out with the activities.
I was so pleased to see how well everything was presented and carried out.


Yvonne said...

You always have the most fun at your activities. I love it.

The Texas Bakers said...

The lasagnas look delicious! I'm still laughing about the pies. :) I love to read about what you guys are doing on your mission.

Connie said...

I can't believe how busy you are! Well, yes, I can! You're on a mission!
April Fools jokes don't stop in the mission field? What fun!