Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring 2010

I love spring. I love the beautiful trees, bushes, and flowers. I love that the weather is getting warmer and nicer. I love all the new little baby animals. But most of all I love spring because that is when my first baby was born. I can't believe that the time has gone by so fast and that my baby is now a Mommy and a Grandma too. Where do the years go? I was talking to my friend Helen yesterday and we were reminiscing how we had our babies at the same time, only 1 day apart, and how we were in the hospital together loving our new little babies and enjoying our time together and with them. My sweet L is a most wonderful daughter. I am always amazed at her goodness, her good disposition, her abilities and talents, her good mind, etc. etc. She is always so calm and composed. She does not fly off the handle. She is a great Mom. She is so spiritually inclined and wise. I am blessed to be her Mom and I love her eternally.
Here are some pictures of beautiful trees and bushes that we drive by on the way to church. The streets are just lined with them.

The last 2 pictures are of the tree right next to our apartment. It is a Magnolia, but not the white Magnolia's that I remember. It is very pretty.

Here is Txmommy, my birthday girl, sitting next to her first daughter, Dani.
It is also Dani's hubby's birthday today. It's so easy for me to remember it. Ha.

Today was our day to go to Calais. Dh gave a wonderful talk, as usual. The members there really like his talks too. After the meetings I had to wait and wait along with the Bishop's wife and the Counselor's wife. They, of course, had mtgs and Dh had to do some training.
After that we got to go the the Requillart's home for a late lunch/dinner. They have a lovely home in La Capelle les Boulogne. It's right by the ocean. Their 3 boys were so cute and lots of fun. This is the youngest, Adrian, resting after eating a huge lunch.

Francois and Nichola stayed at the table and visited with us.

Sarah and Gilles are wonderful. We have really enjoyed getting to know them and spending some time together. Whenever we go to Calais, Sarah always has me sit with her and her family because Dh is up on the stand. She is always so friendly and kind. Sarah served a mission in Paris and Gilles who is 1st couns. served a mission in Colorado.

We ate a delicious dinner that began with chips and a rice,salmon, tuna, tomato salad. Then we had meat with a mushroom sauce and french fries. Following that was the cheese course and we finished with this typical Country, prune flan.

After eating we went to the hospital to visit their friend. Jeremiah was Gilles counselor when Gilles was the Bishop. He is Irish and his wife is English. They came to France because he began working for the European Parliament here. He has diabetes and has already had his toes amputated on one foot. Tomorrow the doctor will decide if they will amputate his foot or not. His other foot is also very infected. It was so sad to see him in the hospital bed. In fact the whole ward was kind of sad. They have a whole unit at that hospital just for diabetics. I've never seen a diabetic ward before and it just felt sad. We did have a very pleasant visit with him and then he had a nice blessing and Dh and Gilles were also able to give him and his wife, Elizabeth, the sacrament.
Following that we drove the almost 2 hours home. There was quite a lot of traffic and several slow downs. It was nice to get home after a long day.


nikko said...

Those magnolia trees are so beautiful!

I got your email. I'm so excited to go there now and get to know some of your friends. :o)

The Texas Bakers said...

Wow! I just love all those trees in bloom! I love spring.

rajani said...

wow, really very very nice photos, i can't explain it in words, but i love the way in which they all are turned out.

Thank you so much.

Yvonne said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I love spring, too.

I think all the things you wrote about txmommy are so true.

I have never heard of a hospital having a diabetic ward. Our oldest is a diabetic.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

What a gorgeous drive to church!