Friday, May 29, 2009


Give me a Texas Longhorn anyday. I love Texas Longhorns! Now, I like cows. In fact, a cow was my Dad's favorite animal when he was a little boy. I liked the cows in Idaho that were black and white and that UtMommy and her DH called the oreo cookie cows. They were lots of fun.

I like these brown and white cows.

And, I like these black and white cows that live not too far from our apt.

B-U-T, in Belgium there are the Belgian Blues. These cows are very muscular. As you can see in these photos, they have very little fat. If you are driving along the highways and byways and see a herd of Belgian Blues, your first thought is that there is a herd of huge pigs. Oh no, they're not pigs. What are they? Yes, they're cows. Now, I like pigs too. However, to me, these cows are the most unattractive breed of cow that I have ever seen. Sorry Belgium and whoever loves these cows. I just don't. I'll take that Texas Longhorn.


Shuldberg's in Texas said...

I grew up on a dairy farm and had never heard of cows like that before. They are huge. My dad "loves" cows. I may have to have have him check out your blog, or he may never believe me.

Yvonne said...

When I was in Texas, I saw my first Texas longhorns--THEY ARE NEAT. These Belgian Blues look very different.

Nancy Face said...

Fun post! I've lived in Texas before, so I like the Longhorns best! But I must say, you've got me craving Oreos now!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

oh those look painful

Our family: said...

Thank you Natalie for the thoughtful encouragement on our blog! I love hearing stories of kids who overcome their disabilities. Do you know if your daughter's friend plays any musical instruments?

Thank you for sharing!

Robin said...

Texas longhorns are great... Those are quite itresting looking.