Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bath time

Since this is my on-line journal and not only my missionary journal, I wanted to write about bath time today. One of my favorite on-line bloggy friends wrote that baths are one of her favorite things and that brought back some fun memories for me.

I well remember when my 2 oldest were little, we were visiting their Grandparents, my Mom and Dad, in San Francisco. We had arrived after a long 6 hour drive (in those days I thought 6 hours was long), had dinner, and were sitting at the table enjoying each other's company. The 2 littles were upstairs in my parents large, modified, victorian home taking a bath. We could hear lots of fun laughter and a bit of splashing. Little did we realize how much splashing there actually was! After a few minutes we looked at the ceiling and saw water dripping down the wall, not just a little bit of water, but more like a waterfall. We rushed upstairs and found a flooded bathroom with 2 very happy little people swimming and splashing in the tub. That was a moment to remember.

On another occasion when I was a young teen ager, I was taking a shower in that very same bathtub. Suddenly a large moth, full of lots of powder on it's wings, started attacking me. As you can tell by the word attack, I am not friends with moths. In fact I am unreasonably afraid of them. Well, I let out a blood curdling scream and wrapped myself up in the curtain. My darling Father had to rush upstairs to rescue me. LOL
When the kids were little, L being the oldest was always in charge. She called herself the Captain. I think A was the Lt. and M was "ye swabs". Later V joined the rank of ye swabs. Sometime in that period some of them were able to rise in rank to "landlubbers. They ran around playing Star Trek and used the little clippy barrettes as communicators. They would flip those little barrettes open and talk into them. It was so funny. Well at this time they also had bathroom meetings. If L had to use the bathroom, she did not want to take time away from the game, so they would meet in the bathroom. The boys had to go into the tub and hide behind the curtain while she did her business. It was okay for the girls to be with her and not in the tub. I'm sure many big decisions were made during those bathroom meetings.:)
One final story. Last year I was in the bathroom at Txmommy's house with brother and Lucy. Our job was to fill up the water balloons for a party. Brother would fill the balloon with water and hand it to me. I would tie the end and hand it to Lucy. Little Lucy would put the finished balloon into the tub. We were doing really well when one of the balloons accidentally slipped from the faucet and as brother handed it to me, it totally squirted out of the balloon and all over me. I will always remember the looks on the faces of those sweet little kids. Their eyes were very big and looking kind of scared. I guess they thought I would be mad. Instead, I burst out laughing and they joined me with their own laughter. After that we had several other balloons with the same problem. I was just soaked. The floor was soaked and the kids were kind of wet too. :) We laughed and laughed. Good thing we cleaned up before Txmommy came into the bathroom.:)


The Wendler Family said...

HOw fun! I loved reading your bath time stories! I had a smile on my face the whole time. :) I am super scared of moths too! I think it originates from girls camp and walking to the bathroom with a lantern- it would attract the moths and they would just start attacking me!!
I can't handle the star trec stories- that is hillarious!! HOw fun!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Hilarious memories!

Yvonne said...

Oh such fun memories.

I have a sister who is soooooo incredibly afraid of moths so I totally get it.

I'm sitting here laughing thinking of those little barrettes being communicators.

You must be such a fun grandma.

allison nadauld said...

Those are some funny stories. Thanks for the Valentine message. Glad to hear you are happy and well. Keep up the good work!

Jay said...

Oh, I chuckled when I read your bath memories, especially the bathroom meetings. I needed a chuckle today. Thanks!