Monday, February 2, 2009

First JA (young adults) activity

We had our first activity on Saturday evening. I was so worried that it would go well and that they would like the food we prepared for them. Well, my worries were for naught. They loved the food. They scarfed the food down and had seconds and thirds. They loved the activity. I am so glad and so relieved.:)
We started with a game. Each person wrote an "anecdote" short story about themselves. They also put a personal object on the table in the middle. Then the anecdotes were passed around and each person read someone else's story. They had to guess who wrote the story and then they had to guess which article belonged to whom. DH and I were not going to play, but they insisted. So I wrote the story of when M was a little boy and asked me, "Mom, were you alive in the days of the dinosaurs?" :) No, but sometimes I feel like it.:) DH wrote about how when he was little he got up into the loft of the barn, attached goose wings to his arms and tried to fly out of the loft. Luckily, he fell into the dung pile and was not hurt at all. They JA got a big kick out of both stories.
For dinner we made Beef Strogonoff and rice. Are you kids surprised? We had 3 different salads, and crepes and clementines for dessert. When my helpers set the table they wanted to know where the knives were. I said I didn't buy any because we were not going to need them. "Oh yes, here we need a knife to push the food onto the fork." Next time I will know that we always need knives. We did borrow some from the ward and they were able to eat.
After the dinner, they all watched "arspraaa" Hairspray, but they could have picked "eron mohn" Iron Man. and ate popcorn, which here is sweet. It's not kettle corn sweet, but sweet none the less. We didn't get home til 12:40 or so. Boy were we tired for church the next day.
While the JA were eating, I sat in the kitchen to have my dinner. No, no that was not acceptable to them. They made me come and sit with them and of course DH too. They said that we are to be part of their group and part of their activites, not just the cooks and the cleaning committee. Many, many of them came to me and told me how much they appreciated the activity and the delicious dinner. Some of them that we already know told us that they love us. We feel so great about that. By the way, lots of them helped clean up.
A funny side story. When I got there I put on a large white apron. One of the young men came to help us set up. When he saw me he giggled and smiled and said. "You are so "mignon" cute. I guess he thought that I only wear church clothes. :) The youth here are very nice and we are certainly enjoying spending time with them, although I am still struggling with my French. I can understand a whole lot more, but it is very difficult to say something.
We were so busy that I forgot to take pictures, but finally I remembered, so here are three. Irene is helping to set out the crepes. Here lots of people like to squeeze some lemon juice on the crepe and then put lots of sugar on that. Then roll it or fold it and eat. It is quite yummy. You should all try some like that. They also luke Nutela on crepes a lot.
We had 17 youth plus 3 young couples who have been called to help us in attendance. We think that is just great.
Our next activity is a trip to Paris on Valentine's Day for a dance.


txmommy said...

how fun! I knew you guys would be awesome!!

yeah for a Paris trip :)

Love you

Yvonne said...

I'm with your daughter--knew you would be awesome. Of course, they would love you.

Also--hooray for Paris--how fun, "We're going to Paris for a dance" ; )

Loved the stories. I'd never heard of Nutella until the first time we went to Europe.

Katy said...

I miss you in our ward, but I know you are touching so many lives over there. So Paris on Valintines Day seems like a dream a come true.

nikko said...

That's how DH likes his crepes, too. Lemon juice and powdered sugar!

I'm so glad that the activity went well.

Linda Clark said...

Natalie, you are just having way too much fun. Paris on Valentine's Day.... Of course, you would be the best ever at making sure everyone had plenty to eat and would have a good time. Love you!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I knew they would love you how could they not:)