Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Emily

Can you believe I can't find a picture of Emily by herself on my computer, so here she is with her sister Val who loves her very much.
Oh my goodness, my baby is 23 today.  How did the time fly by so fast?  I still remember her being handed over to me at LAX.  She was a tiny little 6 lb baby.  She came dressed in a Micky Mouse sweat-suit and wrapped in several blankets, the outer layer being a brown wool blanket.  She had the roundest little face, lots of hair and she was the so cute and cuddly.  We came home and bathed her and dressed her up really pretty and since then she has been our youngest, little princess.

I decided to write 23 facts about Em since she is 23 today.

1.  Emily is the youngest of our 8 children.
2.  She is very beautiful.
3.  Emily is married to Jose.
4. `She is the mother to 3 year old Natalia.
5.  She is also the mother to 6 month old Jakob.
6.  Emily graduated as a  Medical Assistant.
7.  She is an awesome dancer.  At one time she did some exhibition Salsa dancing.
8.  She has a very nice singing voice although she will never solo sing for us.
9.  She is a very stylish dresser when she wants to be.
10. She has become a very responsible young woman.
11. Emily has a very contagious smile.
12. She likes to tease and it's not always easy to know if she's serious or joking.
13. She is a great money manager.
14. She can keep a friendly conversation going.
15. She has a joyous laugh.
16. She is very honest.
17. She is kind.
18. She is very frank and says it like it is.
19. She focuses well on her studies.
20. She is a good Mom who loves her children.
21. She is adored and loved by her husband and loved by her siblings.
22. She is loyal to family and friends
23. Emily is much loved and cherished by her Dad and her Mom

We are so glad that Emily is a part of our family and we will love her forever.


Robin said...

She is beautiful happy birthday to her what an awesome Mom and Dad she was blessed with

Yvonne said...

Hope she had a wonderful birthday. She is a beautiful girl.

Connie said...

Love hearing the story of Emily. I hope her birthday was a happy one!