Monday, October 31, 2011


 Happy Halloween everyone!    My little helper J.  She helped set up and get things ready.

 Andrea and Yoho helped a lot too.
 Doesn't everyone like to have olive fingertips?

 Val is always a big helper too.  Sometimes she just takes over cooking when I need lots of help.
 Some people like to play with my camera.  I had to delete quite a few photos.

 Kenz helped make lots of decorations.
 Tiger Lilly was at the dinner.

D made these mummies which lasted about 15 minutes and they were gone.
 Indy came dressed for the party too.
 I bought a lot of dried ice on Sat. but by party time I had only a tiny, tiny chunk left.  It all evaporated.
 Spider eggs
 We even had spiders in the salad.

 Dinner in a pumpkin---oh so good.

 Baby Jakob is getting so big.  He is making little noises now and little smiles and laughs.  I love it.  He is so cute.

 Graveyard dessert=yummy
 Pumpkin Trifle= so, so delicious.

 Tinker Belle had a great time too.  I told a little flannel board story about The Chocolate Chip Ghost and everyone listened so attentively.  The little people also like the crafts.

 The night before we went to Val's ward for Halloween dinner.

 The littlest dinosaur was quite content and warm.

 The dead bride was very ghostly.
 The couple from the 50's was rocking.
 Of course little Quack came too.
 One of Pinkie's girls.
 Like Father, like son.
 Our little fairy took good care of Tal.  She is an awesome babysitter.

 I love that Robin Hood was able to attend.  The little nerd spent lots of time running around.

Even Shrek came.