Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What a great way to take a nap.  So soft and comfy and two people get to rest.
Valerie has the best garden.  She has been growing and enjoying so many yummy veggies and she has the best recipes.  This tomato was used by Tanner for a little fun.
It's so funny that these two tomatoes grew noses and Tanner just hurried and made them into friends.
Here are Billy and Julia with Tanner.  Ha!
I love when Jenna and Sierra come over to visit.  This night they were able to stay over.

Tal is all ready to go out.

Baby Jakob likes to sleep amidst all of the commotion.

Having family over is the best.

Yoho and Reggie love it when Reggie gets thrown up into the air.  He goes really high, but it's soooo fast that I didn't get a shot.  I love to hear little Reggie laugh.  It's the cutest sound.

Tal wants to get in on the action.
Jose is so sweet and tender with his little boy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flowers and a busy week

Many times during the year John brings me flowers.  It is just what he has done all these years we have been married.  He does it because he loves me and I love getting the flowers and especially I love him.    I think it is so nice and I always enjoy the lovely bouquets that he brings me.  Each time he does it I am pleasantly surprised.  He gave me these beautiful roses a few weeks ago.

I have been soooooo busy.  I hardly have time to sit down at my computer.  I'm still dealing with the flood mess.  Who knew it would be so complicated and time consuming to call restoration people, have adjusters and inspectors come in, talk to insurance company, try to choose new carpeting etc. etc.  For some reason I am having a hard time deciding which carpet to pick.  I finally have it narrowed down to two. One of the is kind of like shag and the other is a low pile.  I will have to make my decision by Monday.

While we were on our trip to California, at the reunion, I received a phone call from one of the counselors in the Bishopric.  He wanted to know if he could talk to me the next day.  "Sorry, no, I'm in California,"  I told him.  I don't even know why I answered the phone while at a party, but I did.   As soon as I hung up, the thought came to me that I  was going to be called as a counselor in Relief Society.  Brother Ward called 2 more times to set up dates and each time I thought the same thing.  I knew that one of the counselors just had a baby and I just knew that I would be taking her place.  I didn't even know which counselor she was, 1st or 2nd.  I then thought of excuses why this was not the calling I would be getting.  Maybe we would be asked to give talks?  I was barely called to be a R.S. teacher and only taught 2 lessons.  Maybe we would be asked to work at the temple?  When we finally got home and Brother Ward came over, I was totally not surprised when he said that they wanted me to be 1st counselor.  And yes, I did take Julie's place, but it was an entirely new presidency.  While we were gone, the made lots and lots of changes in the ward.  So, I am in the presidency now and it's very, very busy.  Just last week we had a young woman tragically die.  We had the funeral on Monday.  We had 3 older sisters who fell.  One fell down the stairs after helping to set up for a wedding.  She broke her arm and shattered her wrist.  I feel so bad for her. She is about 83 and had surgery yesterday.  The other sister is 89 and she fell and hit her head.  Then a 3rd sister, also quite old, fell and broke her nose and has 2 black  eyes and lots of bruises.  I just feel so badly for them all.  Then we had 2 other sisters that had major surgeries this week too.   Next week has got to be better.  I don't mean better for me.  I didn't mind doing any of the things that had to be done.  In fact I loved doing them, but I feel so bad for the sisters with the problems.

We also attended 2 weddings, fixed a late lunch after church for everyone here on Sunday, made a main course and had dinner and FHE with Val and family on Monday, which we always love to do, went out with Michael and JaNee on Tues,  which was wonderful, fixed dinner for a family who just had a new baby, on Wednesday,  had presidency mtg and did visits on Thursday, as well as make a casserole for the homeless shelter, and of course all the regular routine stuff. This afternoon we got to have some fun with Andrea and Emily and their families and go to the Fall Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  John and I ended the evening by watching Jane Eyre.  It was a very good movie.  I love all those books and now movies by the Bronte sisters.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 Just had to post these shots from our trip to Southern California.   I could cover him in kisses and eat up this yummy, sweet boy.

 I am so blessed to have this lovely young woman for my daughter. She and her hubby A are the best cooks.  They are real connoisseurs too.  She fixed us the best Boeuf Bourguignion.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kristie and Cody

Thursday was the wedding of one of our returned missionaries.  Cody is an awesome young man and he served a great mission.  He worked with us at the Young Adult Center and was always very helpful.  We love him and were so happy to attend his wedding to Kristie. They got married at the Draper Temple and then had the reception at beautiful The Woods on ninth.  Everything was so nice and we are so happy for this wonderful young couple.

The candy table was cute.  Each different candy was a favorite of someone;
President and Sister Staheli came too and we were so GLAD to see them.  They have been home for 2 months now.  We had such a great visit with them.  They also just had a water heater burst just like us and have been dealing with a flood just like we have.  They did pay us a most wonderful compliment too.  After we left our mission there was no couple to replace us to run the Young Adult Center.   After a while the Pres asked the Stake President if they now wanted to have another couple assigned to their area.  Their answer was no they did not want anyone else except us.  They went on to say that the center was set up so well and everyone trained so well that now they didn't need anyone else.  That is a great thing for us to hear.  We are so happy that the Center is up and running as it should be.  What a wonderful result for our labors.  We couldn't be more pleased.
As a side note we now have 3 more young adults with mission calls.  One young lady is going to Salt Lake Temple Visitors Center.  Another is going to Canada.  One young man is going to Africa.  A few others are getting ready.  Sooooooooo exciting.

I loved the Wedding Cake.  So pretty.

The entrance.

Sat. we went to our neighbors daughter's wedding, but it was raining and I forgot my camera.  We didn't know the young couple, but their parents are in our ward do we wanted to go to support them.