Friday, March 11, 2011

JaNee's Bridal Show

Last friday we had JaNee's bridal shower.  It was held at her Grandma's house.  Betty has a lovely home with a huge room downstairs in the basement with it's own full kitchen.  The room is perfect for parties.  

We had a lot of fun at the shower and I got to meet lots of JaNee's family members.  

Grandma Betty is a fabulous artist.  Her home is full of beautiful paintings she has done.  The one behind JaNee is just one of them.  There were lots of Indian themed paintings as well as lots of beautiful landscapes.  Betty said her sister is an even better artist and has her own gallery.   Sure wish I had that talent.

As usual we had lots of yummy food.  This time we had homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade broccoli, potato soup,salads, breads and dips and of course desserts.
We played games and a few photos above you can see what happens to a beautiful girl when she has a mouthful of bubble gum.  Ha!


Connie said...

She is a beautiful woman. It's so fun to get together with both sides of the family for a bridal shower! Love the look on the little girl's face in the last picture.

Yvonne said...

Would it even be a party without desserts???

So glad it all turned out well. I'm sure I said this before but I love showers--bridal or baby. Oh I guess I should just face it--I LOVE CELEBRATIONS.

Jon said...

That is so fantastic. She is a beautiful bride-to-be!