Friday, December 17, 2010

Mountain View Hospital

Well, the internet just works sporadically and is working at the moment so I'm taking the opportunity to write a little.
Wednesday evening my stomach began hurting and I felt really tired, so I was going to just go to bed.  Just as I was getting ready to get into bed we got a phone call to come and babysit Val's kids while they took Tanner to the ER.  He had horrible pains in his stomach and was writhing around on the floor.  Val had called a friend of hers who is a paramedic and she checked his vitals which were ok, but after she saw him having an attack of pain, she said that if it were her child she would take him to the ER.  We hurried right over.  As we were waiting for them to come back my stomach ache got worse and worse and I had really horrible pains in my chest.  It was really bad burning from the stomach all the way to the throat and radiating outwards.  It seemed to get worse and worse as the time passed.  Tanner came back with a diagnosis of maybe gastroenteritis or a gas bubble or maybe a kidney stone.  Anyway he was luckily better, but I was much worse.   I thought I probably had reflux, but I have read so many things about women's heart attack symptoms that I thought I better go to the ER myself.  Later I was happy that we went because I got worse and worse.  I felt like my chest was on fire.  The pain was excruciating and I have a high pain tolerance.  They took me immediately and did lots of testing; EKG, Xrays, blood work, etc.  At the ER room I vomited a huge amount of black vomitus which was blood.  Sorry for TMI.  They finally decided that I had a severe case of Acid Reflux and probably an ulcer.  I have to go back later for a colonoscopy, and endoscopy, and a angioplasty.  Anyway they admitted me into the hospital where I had a miserable night and day.  My pain was finally under control by yesterday afternoon, but I was still pretty sick all day.  Today I am just resting at home and feeling soooo much better.  I do not want an experience like that again.  I must say that everyone was super nice to me in the hospital.  In the ER I had a Dr. and 3 nurses giving me full attention the whole time and after they moved me into a room I had 2 sets of wonderful nurses and nurses aides.  They were attentive, kind, and oh so nice.  My family is always so supportive too.  I am blessed to have a great husband and wonderful children who care about me and show their love to me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Visiting old friends

Our internet has been down for a week.  So frustrating!  And I have so many things to catch up on.  Ugh.
When we went to California, I got go see some of my great friends.  We stayed with my BFF Daisy.    She and I have the best time together.  Even if we don't do anything, we just love to be together.  Daisy is the R. S. President in her ward and every 3 months they have a birthday breakfast for those sisters who have had a birthday.  The first morning we were there was the morning of the breakfast and I got to visit with some of my friends.    It was so good to see them after a long time apart.  We had a lot of things to catch up on.

 Sadly,  when Sister Lewis left, she stepped on a rock, fell down and broke her foot.  Poor thing!  I felt really bad when I found out.

 A few days later we met at the restaurant to have a little (3 hour) lunch.  It was sooooo much fun to talk and laugh and reminisce and we all had the best time.  It's a little hard when you move away and don't see your friends, but I'm doing well.  We are where we need to be.  
 Adam and his cute wife came.  Adam was a young missionary who served in our ward.  After his mission he came back to our city live.  He dated, got married, had children, finished school and has done everything right.  We love him and it was fun that he came to hang out with all the "girls".

I am so happy to have spent a wonderful time with our daughter and friends.  It was just too bad that the time passed so quickly.  Time just goes by too fast when you're having fun.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Thanksgiving pictures

 Here we all are at the home of Amadeo's parents.  They are always so nice to us and are such gracious hosts.  We love them and we love spending time with them.  Before everyone told about some  of the things that they are thankful for, they asked us to give a little missionary report.  We were happy to do so.  It still seems a bit strange that we are home.  Our mission went kind of slowly in the beginning, but then it got faster and faster and then just flew by.  We were so happy to be able to go and we had a super time.  We absolutely loved our mission.  We still miss our young adults a lot and we miss being with the fun missionaries too.  It was an experience of a life time.
 Anna with Mary holding Joneaux, Erika and her sister from Arizona.
 Amadeo always loves to sample everything. :)
 Pops and Rocky checking things out.

 Baby Joneaux, the highlight of our trip.  This little guy is so loving and sweet.  He is a great baby, always happy and smiling and so, so curious.

 The two grandmas sharing.  Joneaux nicely gave us equal loving time.  He went from one to the other with lots of hugs and kisses and just warmed both of our hearts.  

We had a great time in the San Diego area.  Every day was filled with lots of activities and the time just seemed to fly by.  Anna and Amadeo spoiled us every day.  We were sad to leave, but luckily they will come for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We went to California for a couple of weeks and had a wonderful time at Anna and Amadeo's home.  Thanksgiving morning John and Anna with some of Amadeo's family ran in the Oceanside Turkey Trot.  It was John's first time and they all loved it.  I got to stay home and play with baby Joneaux, the most adorable little guy.  Later in the afternoon we all went to Nonna and Pops laden with food.  There they also had a ton of food.  There was so much food of all kinds and it was all delicious.

John and Anna enjoying each other's company.
Here's the whole gang.  They had a lovely day to run and a beautiful view to look at.

We had a great time except for a very terrible incident with baby Joneaux.  He was crawling and walking around by himself.  He found a cup that someone had left with ice spilled out of the cup on the floor.  Without anyone seeing him, he put that large piece of ice in his mouth and then choked on it.  Luckily, I had just walked into the room and saw him behind the couch with a terrified look in his eyes.  He was not breathing and didn't know what to do.  I grabbed him up and called for Anna.  She grabbed him from me and tried to put her finger in his mouth, but his mouth was clenched shut---tight.  She began pounding him on the back and said, "do something!"  I then pried his mouth open, put my finger down his throat and felt the ice cube.  I was able to stick my finger behind the ice cube and pop it out along with a potato chip piece.  Poor little guy.  As soon as he could breathe, he began crying and wanted Anna to hug him.   She did and he then wanted to hug everyone that was around him to let them know he was ok.  He is such a loving little guy.  Oh my gosh,  it was soooo scary.  That night I couldn't sleep for a long, long time because I kept thinking and seeing the whole scene replay itself in my mind.  We are so grateful that Heavenly Father protected him and that I was able to be there just at the right moment.