Monday, October 11, 2010


While we were getting ready for the long trek home, our kids and grand kids were gathering in Utah and getting ready for us to come.
On Sunday, the 3rd of Oct, we travelled to Paris to the Mission home. We got there just in time to watch conference with President Staheli and his visiting family. We ate dinner while we watched and we really enjoyed listening to all of the wonderful talks. I still have to listen to the rest of the conference session, but things have been so busy and hectic that I haven't had a chance yet.
We went to a very nice hotel to spend the night. I will post pictures later. There I had to repack and get rid of some more stuff because of the weight limits. I still can't believe how many things we had to give away after 2 years in Europe. Although the room was beautiful and the bed was so comfy, I hardly slept all night. I think it was the excitement, apprehension, and lots of other emotions all mixed together. We had a very nice uneventful flight home.

Here are some of the girls making signs for our arrival.

We were greeted with a whole crowd of family and friends and new babies. There were signs, balloons, hugs, kisses, and yes lots of tears. It was so great. We never expected such a wonderful greeting.
Of course wouldn't you know it, but my curling iron broke just that morning, so I had to see everyone and take pictures without my hair being fixed. Oh well, that's life.

We found everyone looking so good and all of the babies looking so beautiful. All of the kids have grown so much.
Most all of our children were there except for Lana and Alec and their families. Alec and his family were actually able come on Friday.
We all went to Valerie's house where we got to talk and laugh and visit. All of the girls prepared a nice dinner and we loved being together once again.
We have been so busy getting to know new babies, and doing things together. I think it will take me a while to catch up on my blog and then to start up the new chapter in our life. We have quite a few decisions to make about what to do and where to go. Meanwhile our sweet children are all wanting us to stay with them. We are sooooo lucky to have such great kids.