Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Transfers again and JA's Activity

It seems like transfers come way too quickly. This transfer we had 3 missionaries leave. After the mtg. we always take lots of pictures. The missionaries especially take lots and lots of pictures. The first few are serious.

The next few are always goofy. They set up two tables one on top of the other with all of the cameras. This is only half of the cameras. We set them all up, put them on timers and then some of us have to run to our spot. The missionaries always set mine up for me.:)

Elder Cabrera is leaving for Brussels. Sister Fritsch is going home to Strasburg. She served a great mission. We will all miss her a lot. Elder Clawson is going to Liege.

Now Elder Paoli will be the only missionary in our district from France.(for a little while anyway)

The missionaries fixed a really nice luncheon. They made pork chops, mashed potatoes, and salad with cake for desset. Sister Kohler brought ranch dressing for the salad and you should have seen the success of that salad dressing. Many of us went crazy for it. Even the missionaries from France and Germany loved it. It has been a long time since any of us had had any and it tasted soooo good. Her Mom sent her a few packages of the powder to mix. The missionaries told us that we just had to show up for the luncheon and not even bring anything. Of course, I made something. This time it was strawberry and apricot bars.
Here is Dh in his typical position; doing dishes after eating.

Last Saturday we had a great young adult activity. We all gathered about 4:00 for a wonderful forum at which our institute director spoke. Dh and I had to miss most of that because just at that same time we had to teach a first discussion to Marieta and Duria a couple who is here from Armenia. They speak Russian and so it was up to me to teach the lesson. I will have to write their interesting story later.
After the forum, there was a nice buffet and a dance followed.

The decorations were very nice. The JA's did all the work.

There was a spot to write your New Year's Resolutions.
"Box for Resolutions!"
It is very simple, write your resolution or a goal for 2010
(It can remain annonymous)
Direction of the box for resolutions is on the stage."

There was lots of pizza baking in the kitchen.

Lots of chatting and goofing off.

A bit of flirting going on.

We have a couple of "special boys" in our group. Everyone loves them and is always kind to them. They love to come and to participate.

We had a great DJ. Manu is always lots of fun. Manu is the most awesome guy. We just love him. He is diligent, smart, very talented in so many areas. He is the type of guy who is a great example to all. He served his mission in Paris. He speaks English perfectly.

There was lots of food to eat and everyone always enjoys that.

Lots of dancing took place. Girls danced with girls, boys danced next to each other and boys danced with girls. It took a while for them to warm up and start dancing together, but warm up they did and a good time was had by all.

Anne Charlotte is almost ready to graduate from physical therapy school. She speaks English perfectly. Many of the young adults here speak English.

Claudine and Noemi both speak English fluently.

Virginie is studying chemisty. She is fluent in English. Next to her is Alexandre who is getting baptized this Saturday. He is already a university graduate and has a great job.

The missionaries assigned to the young adult center stopped by for a little while. Elder Porter is brand new from the MTC. Elder Harper is our district leader.

Some prefered to sit and read.

Celine speaks English too. Her design in art school was just selected as one of the top 3 to go on tour. Her Dad is our Stake Pres.

Natacha is planning to be an Enlish teacher. She will graduate this year.

Narina from Madagascar is a student of economics at the university here. She speaks Malagasi, French, and English.

Gael rocking out.

Celine and Giovanni. Celine got the surprise in the cake, but she gave her crown to Giovanni who proudly wore it for a long time.

Andryei is a Russian boy. He speaks Russian, Ukranian, French, and English. He came to France with his Mother who has since married a Frenchman and now has a new baby daughter. Andryei is the only one in his family here who is a member of the church. His Grandmother is a member who lives in Russia and she is actually coming for a long visit. I look forward to meeting her.

I want to add one little thing that happened to me that shows how the Lord watches over us and takes care of little things.
As you may know senior couples who go on a mission pay for all of their own expenses. Things here are very expensive and add to that the poor exchange rate of the euro to the dollar makes things even more expensive. Being a California girl and then a Texas girl I never had the need for lots of cold weather clothing. Knowing I was coming over here, I did bring some sweaters and of course coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. However, my skirts were not of a very warm or heavy material. I could have bought a warm skirt, but I figured I could just wear what I had. I really didn't want to spend the extra money either. Well when the weather started getting really cold, Hayrie surprised me by giving me not just 1 but 2 warm skirts. I have been so grateful to get them and have worn them happily during these cold winter days. And, even though she is blind and has not ever seen me, she knew exactly the right size to get. She is amazing. I am sure she listened to the promptings of the spirit to help out a missionary.
When we were sitting in Sacrament the other week, a black fellow went to the podium and began giving a talk. Hayrie's husband leans over and says, "That's Abu." "No it's not." says Hayrie. Then she leans over to me and says, "My husband can see, but I who am blind am the one who knows that it's not Abu." She was right. She never ceases to amaze me.


txmommy said...

i like all the balloons, very nice. Looks like such a fun group!

how nice about the skirt.

Yvonne said...

There is always so much going on. It is great.

So wonderful about the skirt.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

The Lord blesses us so much- in such simple ways sometimes-