Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sylvie and Alexandre

Saturday we had 2 baptisms in our wards. The first was Sylvie, a wonderful woman whose Father is from Africa and whose Mother is English. Sylvie has lived many years in England and speaks English with a British accent. She also speaks French and her Dad's African dialect. She works as a psychologist in France. She said that she has been searching for a church for about 9 years and that she has been attending many different churches looking for the truth. She was kind of nervous, but very excited to be baptized. Today she told me that yesterday was one of the best days of her life. In the morning, yesterday, she was having a lot of pain in her leg and didn't know if she would even be able to go to church for the baptism. She said that she prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help her feel better because this was the day of her baptism and she needed to go. She decided to lie down for while and after a short time she felt much better. She told me that as soon as she came up out of the waters of baptism that she felt the spirit so strongly and knew without a shadow of a doub that she had made the right decision in joining the church.
Our 2nd baptism was Alexandre. This awesome young man is 23 years old. He is a university graduate and has a great job. He is clean cut, smart, pleasant and a really nice person. He began a job working for the company of our Bishop and his brothers who also work together with their brother. As he got to know them he noticed that they did things differently. For example, they didn't drink, swear, or smoke. They went to church every week and he just noticed differences in their behavior and attitude, etc. When he asked his friend, Jacques, (1 of the brothers), Jacques told him that it was because they were Mormons. Alexandre kept asking more and more questions and Jacques would answer them. Then he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. He said that as he read the book, he would pray about things because he knew that God would answer his prayers and lead him to the truth. The more he studied and prayed, the more interested he became. He began talking more and more and learning more and more. Finally he finished the book. He said that he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and he had the burning in his bosom that affirmed that indeed the book was true and was the word of God. He knew that he wanted to be baptized. Alexandre had quite a bit of opposition to joining the church from his parents. His Mom was sad because she thinks that she didn't teach him to be happy with just her. He explained to her that true happiness comes from serving God and doing what God wants. He assured her that he did love her, but that he had a testimony of the truthfullness of the gospel and that he had to act on his convictions. His parents are trying to be supportive now and even came to his baptism.
In the picture are Alexandre with his parents, his best friend and the friend's girlfriend.
The next picture is of Alexandre and Virginie.

These 3 men are Adrian, the counselor to the Bishop, Bishop Marc Duez, and Pres. Brubaker.
When Bishop was giving his talk, he said that Alexandre himself began asking questions about the church. He said that it is not a requirement to belong to any certain church to be employed by his company. He also spoke about what an outstanding young man and what a great employee Alexandre is. We are thrilled to have him join in our young adult center.
Alexandre was baptized by Jacques. Jacques served his mission in Madagascar as a young man. He is now married and has a brand new baby girl named Rose.

I am including a picture of Manu, teaching our investigators class. Manu is an outstanding teacher. He explains concepts so well.
It is interesting that in France where the membership in the church is not huge, but is in it's growth stage that many members hold more than one calling. Manu is The ward mission leader, the teacher for the investigators and he is also the president of our institute. In addition to that he is a full time student and has a part time job.
This is a picture of the class. Virginie actually lives in Calais, but she came up for the baptism yesterday and then spent the night with some of her friends in Lille so that they could all be at church with Alexandre today. By the way, the young adults went to Manu's apartment after the baptism yesterday and ate raclette and visited and had a good time until 3:00a.m. They were tired at church today and several of them told me that they would be going home, eating, taking a long nap, eating again, and then going to bed early. Ah youth!


The Wendler Family said...

The gospel is true!! What a wonderful blessing for Sylvie and Alexandre to have the blessing of the gospel in their lives! I am so glad that there are so many investigators and new members. Missionary work is so exciting!
Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories. I hope all is well!
Sending love,

The Texas Bakers said...

I love reading all the conversion stories you post! What a strength they must be to the church there. What a blessing.

Yvonne said...

I'm so glad Sylvie and Alexandre have found the Church. Thank you so much for sharing their stories.

Connie said...

I love these missionary stories! When I first saw the picture of Sylvie, I thought I was looking at one of my son's pictures from his mission to South Africa! Beautiful woman!