Thursday, January 28, 2010


We are workingwith several people now, teaching them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This first couple are Larissa and Dino. They are from Madagascar. I can't help it, but each time I think of them being from Madagascar, I think of the cartoon and the penguins. Well, anyway, they are the nicest couple. They are so gospel centered. They love Jesus Christ and have been so accepting of every concept that they have learned. They want to be baptized, but they must first get married. They are in the process of getting his paperwork completed. She is already a Belgian citizen, but although he is in Belgium legally, he has to have some additional paperwork. It is very complicated and very time consumingn. We hope that within 3 more months they will have the paperwork done. They already want to go back to Madagascar to teach their own people about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. They live in Kortrijk and so when we teach them we have the Dutch speaking elders with us. Dh always does the teaching because they speak French although Larissa often has to translate into Malagaisy to him. I am the translator to the elders when Dh is speaking french because of course they speak Dutch. I translate into English.
The next couple we are working with are Marieta and Dourian Souren. This couple is from Armenia. He has been here for 4 years and she has been here for 1yr9mos. They are also working on getting their papers. He left first and she stayed on working at "The Bureau." Then the director of the bureau was killed for political reasons and I don't know why, but she had to leave right then. She left everything; her car, house, belongings, and even her clothing. She came with the clothes on her back. Their 2 sons escaped to Russia where she does not know. She has had no contact with them. I don't know the reasons they had to flee except for the fact that it was political. They are living in 2 separate foyers. They spend the days together and then must split up for the night. They are searching for the truth. They seem so nice and I feel really bad for their situtation.
Yesterday we went to do home teaching to Hayrie and Vasil and while we were there she introduced us to Oenchoomeek. This lady left Mongolia about 9 months ago to seek a better life for her family. She has 3 older sons; 17, 20 and 25, a 10 year old daughter, and an 82 year old Mother who is taking care of the daughter back in Mongolia. She came to church last week with Hayrie and she now wants to learn about Jesus. She said there are many Mormons in Mongolia, but she doesn't know a lot about it and now wants to learn. You should have seen us teaching the lesson. Felix, the home teacher and Dh speaking in French, Vasil reading the message in Bulgarian, me translating everything into Russian and also trying to understand what Hayrie and Oenchoomeek are saying to me using many Bulgarian and Mongolian words. It is so difficult. Sometimes I just have to guess at what they are saying from the context of the converstion because I speak neither Mongolian or Bulgarian. Then I have to say it back to them in Russian to make sure I have understood it correctly. With the help of the Lord, we get the messages across.
We are still working with Clothilde and Samuel and Kevin and Emiline as well as Emmanuelle. It's kind of hard with Emmanuelle because she stands us up about every other time when we have an appointment, but then she calls and really wants us to come back. She is just having so many emotional problems right now. Hopefully she will be able to come out of her depression.
Today is institute night. It is some sort of French holiday when they are all eat crepes, so Dh and I spent about 5+ hours fixing crepes. I don't think we will be making those again any time soon. It was a lot of work. I sure hope they will like them.
Sometimes when our kids had their birthday they wanted to have crepes instead of cake. So, that's what we would make and put the candles on the crepes for them to blow out. I guess that's what one can expect when the Dad is French.:)


nikko said...

Your investigators always have such interesting stories/backgrounds!

You made me hungry for crepes!

Yvonne said...

I agree with nikko--they all have such interesting stories. I really don't know how you keep all the languages straight.