Sunday, December 20, 2009


It has been snowing here for the past few days with today being the coldest. It is about -5c. In fact, some of the churches were closed and the roads were, "as slippery as skating rinks" said the news. The snow stopped falling long enough for me to take pictures out our front and back windows. The snow is so pretty to look at, but it's sooooo cold.

We had our last institute class for the year. Now we are on a 2 week break. Here is my cute cleaning crew from last thursday. They had a lot of fun talking and giggling while they were cleaning up and it sure helped me a lot. These young adults like everything I prepare for them and are so appreciative that it is makes it a pleasure to do the cooking each week for so many people.

Our stake presidency likes to "drop in after their meetings and sample the food. In fact, if there is anything left at all, they make sure to finish every last bite.

One of the JA's insisted on taking my picture.

In most of the stores I find these little marzipan piggies. I bought some just for fun. I usually like marzipan in chocolate and in food, but I do not like these little piggies. Dh got to eat them all. He was happy.

This is our little Christmas tree. It's just right for a missionary apt.

We had a really fun activity yesterday with the missionaries, some of the JA's and even a few ward members. We met in the afternoon and made chocolate chip cookies. Then we went to Place Republic and sang Christmas hymns. The choir sounded really good. We sang in parts and it really was good. I only sang a little because I am not a good singer. I can only sing well to little people.:) Then when people stopped to listen or were interested, we gave them the bagged cookies and a Joy to the World video. Then we all went back to the church for hot chocolate.
Here are a few missionaries practicing singing.
Sister Koehler is new to our district. She is companions with Sister Gappmaeir. These two hit it off right away.

Manu getting the room set up for cooking.

Everyone helped mix, bake, etc.

Some waited to go and sing. Although the Petrov's didn't cook, they helped pass out cookies at the town square.

After the cookies were made, we had a short rehersal in the chapel.

Our cute Aurelie was the peppiest conductor. She is barely 18, but she got everyone's attention and was a good little chorister.

We had a lot of fun, but we all froze. It was soo cold.

Missionaries contacting shoppers. One young girl in her early 20's listened for a long time to us singing. Then a missionary talked to her and gave her a video and a pkg of cookies. She listened some more and finally joined us and sang the rest of the time. Then she wanted to know if we sang often and also if she could come to church with us on Sunday. You can bet that we were so happy to have her join us.
We really enjoy our activities with the youth.


Yvonne said...

You sure do a lot of baking. I bet the missionaries love everything you do.

You write about how much you enjoy your activities with the youth--they are so blessed to have you.

Try to stay warm.

nikko said...

The snow looks so beautiful!

You are certainly becoming quite the party/program planner with all these events! What a wonderful service you are performing!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

merry Christmas sweet lady

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

You are doing some fun and amazing things. Keep up the great work!

You look great in a Santa hat!!

Merry Christmas!

The Texas Bakers said...

The snow on those old buildings is SO beautiful. Love the Santa hats!
Merry Christmas!