Monday, October 27, 2008

Still learning

Well, y'all will have to be patient with me. I am trying to figure out all this blog stuff. The computer kept erasing things and so my last post has a word in it that doesn't really belong.

Our son and his fam drove down from Idaho and we and the Utah kids had so much fun being together. We, as usual had some little surgical procedures done while A was here. The whole family watches as he removes a little mole or whatever else needs to be done. This time it was DH and daughter A who had little things removed. I was the assistant handing A the different instruments, medicine, etc. I should have been a nurse instead of a teacher.:)

Halloween Fun

The girls cooking dinner.
My son M and C in the yard.
My daughter A and Y, the cute newleyweds.
My son A and his cute wife K.
S and J in the front yard playing with all the big boys.
G and D by Ut Mommy's front door. They have been married for almost 2 years now.

Andrea and me at the pumpkin patch.

We went for a hay ride at The Big Red Barn.

The kids after picking out their pumpkins.

We had a fun afternoon with some of our kids and grandkids. Some of us went to the pumpkin patch and rode the hay wagon. The kids picked out pumpkins to carve and of course roast pumpkin seeds. We r0de out quite a ways and then the kids ran from pumpkin to pumpkin choosing just the right one. They can't wait to go trick or treating.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is my son-in-law. We have been having lots of fun with A and Y. We saw their cute condo. I got to help A decorate their front room. I will have to take a picture and post it next time. DH and I have done all of his shopping for the mission. We got a lot of his clothes at Mr. Macs with a missionary discount, but it still cost a lot of money to buy all the stuff he needed: 2 suits with 4 pairs of pants, a combination coat and raincoat, sweater, shirts, 2 pairs shoes, etc. etc. etc. I think we are about ready to go. Only 2 weeks to wait and we report at the MTC. Mr Missionary is super excited and can't wait to begin the work. I am kind of nervous and feel sad to leave my kids all the cute little grandkids, but I know this is the Lord's work and I'm going for it.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Our first official visit took place on the 18th of Sept. We had to go to the French consulate to get our visa's. Bishop Petty and Robin drove us to the airport abt 4:30a.m. It's not everyone's Bishop who drives his missionaries to the airport. How lucky are we! Anyway, we arrived at S.F.Int'l and hurried to meet up with our group of elders. We had to take the air-train and then rush clear to the other end of the terminal to meet them. We get there just on time, but who do we see? Noone. We look and look and wait for a little while and nothing. I called church travel and Carla had me wait a minute while she called the group leader. Sure enough, they forgot us. They had to send the shuttle back to get us to take us to the counsulate. We arrived late, but luckily since our group was there we were ok. The group consisted of 8 elders and 1 sister. They were so sorry they forgot us. We said that it was okay and we proceeded to have fun talking to them while we waited and waited and waited for several hours while each person went and spoke to the representatives about their visas. The elders were so friendly and most of them quite chatty, so the time passed pleasantly although some of the elders fell asleep waiting for their turn to come. When the elders found out that DH is French they were so excited to talk to him and to practice some of their french. He helped them with each of their questions. It was so funny toward the end when one of them asked how to say burp in french. DH told them and then they of course had to practice. I told them that they really had to know this "important" verb before they left for France.:) We laughed and joked. I told them how I tried to teach my children to be polite, but that several of them had the bad habit of burping and the elders thought that was just great.
While at the counsulate, I passed out my very first pass along card. There were two women there from the Congo trying to get their visa. They were there for a long time along with us. DH began talking to them and told them of our upcoming plans for a mission. One of the women ended up telling us that she lived near the "big Mormon church" in Oakland. I said it was the temple and we talked about that for a while. She also told us that she had found her great-grandfather at the LDS church. I ended up giving her a card and she promised to look up the elders in her area. It was quite a rewarding and interesting experience.
Well when we finally finished, we all were driven back to the airport and Marie Jeanne was supposed to pick us up there as we were going to her house for the week-end. Well, we waited and waited and waited again. After more than an hour we were worried because she is always punctual. I fianally called Terese and she went to MJ's house where she found her fine, but upset because she had gone to the airport and gotten lost. Poor things drove around and around and finally went home. So, we took a taxi to her house and the day ended up well. We got our visas approved and went on to spend a great several days at her house.